Chalkboard drawing - now or later


Ever suffered with procrastination?? In work or at home? You get to 2pm in your working day and realise you still have a full days work to do as you’ve wasted your morning doing things that were not a priority or favoured tasks because you didn’t want to do the ones that needed to be done?? That’s procrastination!

40% of of people have experienced loss due to procrastination, and just over 25% people experience chronic deliberating procrastination (McCown and Robert 1994). It’s easy to make excuses and create distractions for ourselves instead of doing what really needs to be done. But reality is that procrastination causes stress, anxiety, fear, unbelief and pressure. It does not lead to success!

You can beat procrastination by just making a decision, you need to make a decision and follow it up with action – this is when success happens. When you make a decision, you leave no room for procrastination!

Break the cycle, make a decision, take action and eliminate procrastination from your life!

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