Succeeding in the sales industry demands a strong team – but in a sector where many of the most talented individuals are officially self-employed, how do you go about hiring them to work for you?

At Citrus Connect we believe that it is not just about finding the right people for today, but is also about building a team for tomorrow too.

For this reason, we work hard to fully assess and profile candidates, including those interested in self-employed roles, so that we can give you as their employer the best chance of gaining an engaged and enthusiastic individual who will enter into a long-term working relationship with your organisation.

Focus on the long term

Only this focus on longevity allows you to build your sales team with greater and greater strength and capacity – rather than getting distracted by continually trying to replace talented members of staff whose contracts have expired.

We have created a simple three-step process from initial enquiry through to your first hires:

  1. We send a senior consultant to talk to you about what you need, including a detailed understanding of how your business works, what you are aiming to achieve, and how your internal recruitment processes work.
  2. We compile this information into a clear and mutually agreed list of recruitment needs, along with a recruitment process that we all agree has the best chance to work well for your business.
  3. We shortlist candidates from our talent pool and set interview dates with them for you, as well as providing whatever other support or hands-off service you require.

A closer look at this process reveals that it is both simple and in-depth – allowing us to create a bespoke recruitment plan for your business, which maximises the chance to build your sales team with the very best individuals from our pool of talented, experienced and enthusiastic candidates.

Sales is opportunity

From self-employed and commission-only salespeople, to canvassers and door-to-door marketers, or talented telesales operators, we can help you to cope with any specific demand for self-employed sales team members.

And of course a long-term strategy to build the best possible team needs to be measurable and adaptable, which is why we track performance as we go along, and are always ready to improve our methods when you are in further need of more staff.

One example of this is our introduction of CRB background checks, which provides extra peace of mind for you as the employer, particularly in light of a self-employed workforce who might normally not undergo such detailed checks – we take care of this, so you don’t need to worry about it.

When you send staff out on door-to-door campaigns, or other marketing activities in locations outside of your own office, this can help to reassure you that they can be trusted to represent your brand, while generating the sales you need to hit targets.

And it’s one more way in which Citrus Connect offer more than most recruitment services to help you find and retain the very best talent for your sales team, to fill short-term needs and long-term aims alike.


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