Career Mastery


What is Career Mastery?


Career Mastery is an accelerated curriculum designed to activate your limitless potential. It is a 30 day adventure into a bullet proof navigation system to get you to where you are now in your career, to where you desire to be. Whether you are unemployed looking for work, in a job that no longer fulfils you or simply just want to develop skills on how to be the most valuable member of a company - you will experience life-changing and career-changing personal growth as you shatter every inner limitation and truly step into your passion, purpose and power.

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4 Week Masterclass

Are you primed for what's next? In the 21st century, amongst chaos, value is king. Long gone are the days where you get paid time for money, companies want to see value, culture fit, decrease of costs and increase in profits. They require someone who is going to go ‘all-in’ with their business goals; beside this comes the expectation that you know exactly what they are looking for.


But here’s the challenge: for most of us, school taught us very little if anything about job hunting, job interviews, job performance and employee-preneurship. The result? Multi-generations of candidates unsure of what they want to achieve in their career, no objective, no effective proven plan of how to get there, just guess work!

In 30 days, Career Mastery will equip you with all the skills necessary to succeed.  This includes an action packed road map to navigate yourself to your desired career objective, whether that is a new job or progression within your current company.


8 Pillars of Mastery


Step into your power and purpose to add value to any business inspiring excellence and diligence


Fall passionately in love with your true self, own and navigate your career path


Discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transform them


Create a solid resume that aligns with your vibe, values, desires, education and experience


See your self-esteem and confidence soar to higher dimensions


Create a solid foundation for your job hunt, including job hacks that will support you through any career crisis


Gain courage and integrity to ace any job interview


Learn personal skills to create positive change and career progression

How will it be delivered?

Weekly live calls

Weekly reflection work

1:1 coaching

Unlimited email access to your coach

Bonus content


Lean business video training


Ultimate Career Mastery resources guide


LinkedIn and personal branding video training


Job hack cheat sheet

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Your Career Mastery Instructor

I was born to change the world. When I was 5, I had a deep desire to be an entrepreneur. I am a naturally inquisitive person, a truth seeker and a born leader looking for solutions everywhere in business, philanthropy, relationships, spirituality and igniting my own intuition.


I have worked with corporate clients such as Google, Capita, and other billion-pound companies, multi-millionaires, philanthropists, children, spiritual teachers and angel investors. I am here to share what I know to be true - to help you to discover your passion, purpose and power within your career.

I started Citrus Connect in the 2008 recession, as Rudy Giuliani says, “It is in times of crisis that good leaders emerge” 2020 Business Woman of the Year nominee, I guess I was one of them!

Today after more than 10 years in the recruitment industry, I find my

clients the best sought after candidates. I work directly with candidates for them to truly master and own their aligned career path, helping them increase their capacity to receive the fulfilment of their soul aligned job.


I’m here to empower and navigate the next level of your career path!

Leena Parmar - Founder of Citrus Connect



I can honestly say the time was exciting, rewarding and above all else I’m inspired and have a desire unparalleled. 

This week has honestly changed me, a new opportunity and I at 44 cannot remember a time I’ve felt so invigorated or humbled with drive than now. I appreciate my new job won’t be easy and there will be pitfalls and dips but the support and understanding you have shown, makes me believe for my personal attributes and wants, this is perfect for me with perfect people.

M. Dennis / UK

I was headhunted for a role I’d never considered before. It’s a position that I enjoy and I’m very thankful for the hard work that Leena has put into me and my future.

I. Guthrie / UK

Leena has a willingness to listen to why we are different and put tangible changes into our recruitment model to personalise it to our organisation. She is forward thinking, innovative, professional, and dedicated to her clients end result.

D. Tye / UK

This Masterclass is for you if you are?

Hungry to eliminate your self limiting beliefs that hold your career back

Eager to increase your capacity to earn more money in your chosen job

Passionate about working with excellence and diligence

A confident risk taker to do whatever it takes

Willing to work harder on yourself than you do anything else

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