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Our good friend Linda Potgieter, stands by the phrase ‘you’re in the fashion business whether you like it or not? Can fashion help you be more successful? Linda believes it can!

Did you know that there are certain outfits that can make you feel stronger and more confident? And it can seal the deal at an interview or not…

1. Make a list of what makes you feel powerful
Does a tailored suit make you feel more confident? Perhaps a gorgeous pair of heels? Whatever it is, make a list of things in your wardrobe that makes you feel amazing. This is your go-to garments for any work situation. If you identify anything that you are missing from your list, then you need to hit the shops and make sure you have it.

2. Think polished!
This is totally your interpretation, be it a beard trim, perfecting your nail polish or coordinating your outfit with accessories. Putting a little time into polish can totally elevate your look, even when on a budget. You may also find that those few minutes a day is a great way to relax and pamper yourself!

3. Do you!
In your work, it’s important that you stay true to who you are even in a corporate environment. If you are expected to wear a suit for work, introduce elements that let your personality shine through. For men, you can do this by adding a bit of colour to your suit with a pocket square or even explore a more unusual cut of your suit jacket. Statement jewellery or creative patterns are another great way to show off your personality during an interview or even start a conversation. We suggest doing a lot of window shopping to find elements that you can bring to a corporate suit and discover a style that is truly you!

Dressing for success COULD make you more money, feel more motivated and more productive…

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