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Citrus Connect are supporting staff who have been recently impacted by the recent redundancies at EBS Systems to support any candidates affected by the company being put into administration. If you have been made redundant by the Administration of EBS Systems, Citrus Connect are here to support you. Don't let it take hold and stop you moving on to another job, a career change, training or taking time out if you can afford it. The future is in your hands! 


Please feel free to call any of our consultants on 01138272257, we would be happy to serve you.

How we work

Tips and Services


1. Mindset and financial check

The emotional impact can be dramatic and we understand that finding yourself without a  job is right up there with some of the most stressful factors of life such as moving house or getting divorced therefore it's important to take some time out to absorb the news. You may be dealing with feelings of rejection and inadequacies, anger, determination and sometimes happiness. Ask yourself, ‘is this an opportunity to make some changes that you have been thinking about for ages but never really got round to?’

But before you check out options, we recommend a quick financial health check;

  • Do a debt audit

  • Pay off debt

  • Check out any mortgage help schemes

  • Boost your income

  • Re-do your monthly budget

Your options.jpeg

2. Your options

Options can fall into 3 categories;

  1. Look for a new job straight away - This is the most obvious and the one that most redundant people opt for (sometimes because they don't realise they've got other choices). Whatever reasons you have for wanting to find another job right away, go straight to step 3 onwards.

  2. A complete career change - Maybe you have been pondering doing something different for a while, redundancy could be the catalyst that propels you into a new career! 

  3. Take a career break - We see a lot of people using their redundancy as a career break opportunity.

CV writing.jpeg

3.CV writing

Most people think that it is the CV that gets you the job, think again! The CV gets you the interview, the interview gets you the job! Your CV is your sales pitch to the potential employer, make sure you sell yourself well.


Click here to download our template, but before you do that read the guidelines below;


  1. Start your cv with testimonials, show your potential employer what other people who have worked with you have to say about your performance, attitude and value

  2. Your objective should be relevant to the job you are applying for, yes it is ok to have different cv’s for different jobs, tailor your suitability to get you that interview. Or if you opt not to change your cv then do write a separate cover letter for each application you make

  3. Core Skills - we encourage you seperate your skills into 3 sections;

    1. People/Communication Skills

    2. Marketing/Technical Skills

    3. Management/Leadership Skills

  4. Your experience - this is NOT an opportunity to describe what you did and how you did but more about the value you have added to the business. The first bullet point should be a brief description of what your job role, roles and responsibilities. The rest of the bullet points should be about the value you have added to the job. Did you exceed targets, if so by how much? Did you change processes to be more efficient therefore saving the company money? 

  5. Education - list your highest education, it is not necessary to place every single qualification on your CV, just the relevant ones

  6. Reference - always write “to be obtained after the interview”

  7. Next Steps - Show your client what their next steps are if they like your cv, don’t let them guess, make the process efficient for them. Example text, “I’d like to thank you for your time and consideration of my application, call me at your earliest convenience to schedule a time to meet in person and discuss this opportunity further. My telephone number is xxxxxxxxxxx”

  8. BONUS TIP - It is not necessary to include your hobbies or which football club you support, anything you can say ‘so what?’ to take out

Job hunt.jpeg

4. The job hunt

  1. Optimise your cv - Many large companies and job boards use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to scan resumes. The “robots” weed out applicants based on keywords mainly. Tricking these robots is the first resume hack you can use to increase your chances for an interview. One of the easiest ways to trick the robots is using keywords to convince the software you are the best fit. Look at the position description and carefully circle the words specific to the position, ensure you use these words into your cv

  2. Using your warm and cold market to generate opportunities;

  • Use your network - make a list of your personal resources, make a list of 200 people you know and call them and ask if their company is looking to hire. You can also start creating a new network by joining groups on linkedin

  • Recruiters - find local or national recruiters that have their own list of resources to support your job hunt. Click here to view a quick video on why you should be using an agency!

  • Job boards - the main job boards to use are Reed, Total Jobs, CV Library, Monster

  1. Some employers/recruiters may check your digital footprint especially your linkedin profile, do a social media and digital scrub

  2. Have a professional email address and change your voicemail if it is not professional - this is a must!

Interview tips.jpeg

5. Interview tips

  1. Dress appropriately for your interview - for tips on this, check our interview with fashion expert Linda Potgeiter here

  2. Whilst waiting for your interviewer in the lobby - we appreciate you are nervous, but try not to fidget, do not be on your phone, instead get to know the receptionist and understand the company culture and find out what the company needs are

  3. See the interview as an opportunity to build relationship not just money, its the relationship you build that will help you score success not the CV that got you there

  4. Once the interviewer appears, address with killer eye contact and start a conversation, do not create awkward silence, instead ask how their day is going? How long have they worked here? Are they from the area? (Ensure they are safe questions to build a rapport)

  5. One of the biggest frustrations for interviewers is being interrupted, whatever you do do not interrupt the interviewer

  6. STAR technique

       Make a list of competencies you think will be covered and for each        one think up one or two examples when you used your skills and          strengths in that area.

       Use the STAR technique to structure your answer - Situation, Task,        Action and Results. 

  • Think of a situation when you applied the competency in question

  • Explain what the tasks were

  • Describe the actions you took to fulfil those tasks

  • Highlight the results that were achieved

 7.  For questions to ask at the end of the interview, check out           our blog article here