Help with Experience

Even if you are unemployed put an unpaid internship or relative volunteer work until PRESENT, that was even though you have been unemployed for a year they can see that you have been DOING something! You want the employer to feel you want to work for THEM, not that you are unemployed and would work anywhere.

You can list several relevant jobs, just make sure that

1) Leave out jobs that you worked at for 6 months or less, unless the company went under, this type of job on your resume suggests you were let go for some reason.

2) Don’t list jobs that date back farther than twenty years, this experience loses its’ relevancy.

3) If you worked at a job for 20+ years, do include those full dates, one long-term job implies loyalty.

Notes on bullet points;

  • First bullet point should be a brief description of the role
  • Second bullet point should be a brief description of the role (if necessary)
  • Third bullet point should show the reader how you added value to the company
  • Fourth bullet point should show the reader how you added value to the company

(See sample CV’s)

Note: Try to stay away from writing descriptively, about what your last role was, the reader is busy reading lots of CV’s make it easier for the reader by just placing 3-4 bullet points maximum on each role, focussing on the value you added in the company.

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