Help with References

Do not put, ‘references available on request’, you do not want to make a possible employer WORK to HIRE you.

This is a great place to stand out from the crowd by placing testimonials of your references to instantly give the reader a glimpse into other peoples experiences with you.

If you list references and give out someones number on a resume, tell the person, and even coach them; say “I put you as a reference on my CV, if someone calls tell them ‘I worked at the company for ___ and completed ___ tasks (that are relevant for the job you are applying for).’ people who are willing to be a reference will appreciate not being taken by surprise and not having to do extra work. Most of these people would also be willing to personalise and sign a reference letter YOU write, it takes the work out for them, just tell them to look it over and if they agree with everything to sign it.

You may want to include some more testimonials at this stage to show how and where you have added value to your previous companies.

(See sample CV)

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