Have the best end to 2013! And here’s how?


The Christmas adverts have started already but the year’s not out yet! Here’s 5 quick tips to help you perform better as we approach the end of 2013 and make it the best year yet!

1. Ask yourself this question, “Do I contribute to my work environment, do I take away from my work environment?”
If you contribute, your employer will do whatever it takes to keep you! You do this, promotion is inevitable for you in 2014.

2. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver!
This drives employers crazy! When your boss gives you a deadline for a task or project, make sure you fulfil your commitment. I’ve employed a lot of people through the years – the people the continuously ‘drop balls’ are the ones that cause the most stress. If you run into challenges that inhibit you from completing the task, and don’t let them know. Ask for their advice, insights or suggestions on how it could be done better. You both have the same goal, the task being successfully finished so they will be willing to give their advice, opinion or suggestions!

When it’s possible turn things in early. Go the extra mile and do what others won’t do with a smile!

3. This is not the time to be slacking!
If you are texting, tweeting. face booking and emailing to your personal friends on company time you don’t deserve to be next in line for promotion. Employers are under an amazing amount of stress right now. The market is more competitive and they are looking for people they can trust to get the job done. Treat your job as though it was your business, and you’ll be sure to be making a great end to 2013! Where there is no ownership, there is no commitment and where there is no commitment, there is no success.

4. Don’t give in to wearing your emotions on your sleeve by putting ‘fear’ on at work
It is one heck of an ugly suit! Fear is contagious and doesn’t get a pay rise – excellence and diligence does. I have found it nearly impossible to do a good job when I am wearing ‘fear’. Fear will not bring about excellence in action will!

5. Kiss you bad attitude goodbye
People like to be treated with respect, they like smiles and ‘thank yous’ and ‘please’, they like to be honoured. Even if you’re going through something difficult in your personal life, leave your problems at home. A bad attitude will cause you to under perform and increase your problems.

In an uncertain economy and ever changing job market the above tips are vital for you to excel at what you do!

Have a great week,

Team at Citrus Connect!

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