Hiring a self-employed individual to your sales team might sound like a contradiction in terms – although they work for you, they are not ’employed’ by you in the technical sense, so how can you make sure you keep a measure on their quality and, crucially, on the value they bring to your business?

Measure potential

The answer depends on what you need from each person you hire, and on the nature of your business too, as it may be much easier to keep a close eye on an in-house telesales team, for example, than it is to monitor teams that are sent out on a door-to-door basis every day of the week.

At Citrus Connect we begin ensuring the value of your hires even before they begin working for you, by getting to know all of our new candidates, identifying their core skills, and learning about what they hope to achieve in their career.

This allows us to align candidates with the vacancies best suited to them – not just for their own happiness of course, but also because this gives them the greatest likelihood of excelling in the role, and of bringing the most value to their employer.

Principles matter

We believe strongly in three principles that guide the recruitment of sales personnel: growth, review and evaluation. In our own right, Citrus Connect aim for continual improvement and innovation, and we expect all of our candidates to share those ambitions, for their own long-term benefit, and for their employers too.

In very practical terms, there is also a further step we take before recommending a candidate for their first role, and that is to offer CRB checks to ensure full peace of mind where security is a concern, or simply to add an extra degree of confidence for recruiters in the self-employed individuals they choose to hire into the role.

Of course it is not all about the candidate, and by liaising closely with employers too, we can gain a deeper understanding of the role in its own right, making it easier for us to recommend the right people for the job – in terms of their commitment and enthusiasm, and the expected return on investment they will bring.

We build a sales team from the ground

We don’t try to run before we can walk, so if your recruitment needs are substantial, we will bring your new staff to you at a sensible pace – providing the capacity you need, but without the risks of unmanageable expansion that leaves you (and us) unable to see if anybody is under performing.

As far as possible, we will recommend multiple suitable candidates for each role, giving you the chance to hold your own interviews and select those you feel are the best fit, and this again helps to align them more closely with your organisation.

Finally, we track and evaluate the recruitment process as a whole, improving our services to maximise the productivity of your sales team in the short term, and its longevity over the relevant time period still yet to come.

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