Can you recall the last time you sat down with someone and just listened to them? I men really listened? And by listening I don’t mean that you were thinking about what you were going today next, waiting for a point where you could jump in with your story or opinion or just nodding whilst you decide what you’ll be doing later that evening when you finish work.
It’s probably been quite a while, if you can even recall a time at all.

Think about your life and how amazing it makes you feel when you talk and you can tell that the person you are talking to are truly listening, with no judgement or ulterior motives, it builds trust. And it builds your confidence.

Now take that feeling you have in mind from your personal life to a relationship in your career. One common complaint I hear from employers is that their employees don’t seem to listen or can’t follow simple instructions.

What do you think would happen if you started listening, really listening, to those who could have an influence in your career? The would definitely be less stress and and less miscommunication filling your life.

Sometimes you might feel like you’re just too busy to waste all that time just listening to someone ‘yabber’ on. You’ve got work to do!! But what if during all the ‘jabbering’ you missed something important? Think about all the time, the energy, the money and the stress you could have saved yourself after you have to re-do that task for your boss? What a waste?

If you’re willing to increase your listening skills, you are already on the road to promotion using these three, simple tips;

1. Make good eye contact: It’s a basic sign of respect!
2. Take notes: Everywhere you go, make sure you have a pen and notebook. This not only shows you are really listening, but it gives you a record for future reference and to refresh your memory later.
Repeat it back: When the speaker finishes their point, use phrases like, ‘To clarify, you want me to…’, ‘What I’m hearing is…’. Not only does it show you are listening but it allows the speaker to clarify where needed.

This skill of listening will open doors you never imagined. Right now, you maybe feeling trapped in your career, because you see absolutely no hope of promotion. Guess what, we have seen companies CREATE positions for people with the right skills!

Go out there and listen!!

Have a great week ahead, the Team at Citrus Connect!

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