Parmar Associates

Parmar Associates is now Citrus Connect

Parmar Associates was founded in 2009, by Leena Parmar; she was introduced to a niche in the recruitment market for self-employed sales personnel and that is where the dream began.

Parmar Associates started working with high profile client such as The AA and clients in the financial and renewable energy marker place.

As the team grew from one to four, Citrus Connect was born from the growth of Parmar Associates as the feedback on the processes remained to be positive from clients and candidates. Citrus Connect represent a fresh concept to recruitment and aim to portray their fresh and unique approach in the new brand.

The team has continued to grow and so as the client base, now working with employed and self-employed roles, working with clients such as Capita, Thomas Sanderson, Niagara Healthcare, Google and still their long standing client, The AA, and that’s just to name a few.

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