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Canvassing is a tried, tested and trusted form of sales, and has been used by companies across the UK for decades.

Citrus Connect can help build your canvassing team

There’s no doubt that canvassing sales jobs are one of the most competitive and hardening activities in business.

With this in mind, Citrus Connect has years’ of experience in the canvassing sales recruitment industry, and is one of the most established, reliable, and well-known sales recruitment agencies in the UK.

Our seasoned team knows to select only the most ambitious, dedicated and most qualified people for our clients and their canvassing roles.

Why canvassing sales is the next step for your business

While there are many tested sales approaches, canvassing is one of the most traditional sales methods employed by large businesses throughout the UK.

Thought of by some as one of the truest tests of a talented salesperson, canvassing enables businesses to interact directly with a once unreachable customer base.

How do you know if canvassing is right for you?

If you’re currently searching for canvassing sales jobs, you’ve come to the right place, as Citrus Connect has years of experience placing candidates in self employed sales jobs.

Canvassing not only gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and earn a good living, but it also teaches you how to interact with a variety of different people, alongside giving you the confidence to grow your sales techniques in both competitive and driven environments.

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