Direct Sales Rerecuitment Consultancy

Direct selling has long been a successful branch of many sales teams, and here at Citrus Connect, we specialise in filling a range of direct sales jobs, from door to door sales roles to appointment based sales recruitment.

We have over a decade’s experience in both sales recruitment and direct sales recruitment; offering a fully transparent service to every single one of our clients by guiding them through the initial stages of our service, right through to delivering some of the best and most qualified sales people.

What we look for in our direct sales candidates

Like many of the positions that we fill, we look for clear, apparent and beneficial traits within candidates before forwarding them to clients for direct sales positions:


Like many sales jobs, direct sales always has and always will require heaps of passion, and we test for this within every candidate.

Companies need sales representatives that are not only passionate about their own job, but also, of what they are trying to achieve for the business that they are working for.

We gauge that passion from the go and select only who we think will earn their place within a dedicated direct sales team.

Ability to learn

While passion is a cornerstone in all direct sales jobs, it is integral that candidates can learn on the job, and turn their time into results. We measure the capabilities and potential of each and every candidate that applies for any of our direct sales jobs.

Prior Success

Although prior success isn’t everything, we pinpoint and earmark candidates who have had successful experiences in a variety of related sales roles, and present only the best prospects to our clients.

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