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Recruiting the right kind of people for positions in the retail industry isn’t always plain sailing, but here at Citrus Connect, we know just what direction to take.

With years’ of experience, we know exactly what our clients search for in retail recruitment.

By creating and maintaining long-lasting partnerships, we provide an efficient strategy that is tailor made for each of the businesses we consult.

The Citrus Connect three step process

All our clients are treated to our unique three step process to ensure that we cover every base during the search for candidates:

  1. Firstly, one of our senior consultants shall meet to discuss a client’s needs so that we can not only gain a full understanding of a business, but also its structure, organisation and future targets.
  2. Once that the recruitment needs are understood, we would discuss and agree upon the best and most efficient strategy for sourcing the best and most qualified personnel for the role.
  3. Citrus Connect will ensure to provide only the most qualified, enthusiastic, and most suited candidates – providing client’s with as much, or equally as little, support as necessary throughout the hiring process.

Information for candidates

We base everything we do on our core values – trust, transparency, innovation, and evolution.

This makes us one of the most trusted and sought-after retail recruitment agencies in Leeds and the UK.

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