Self Employed Sales Recruitment

Self employed sales jobs are a unique and robust way of creating business advantage for all – from the customer, right through to the salesman and indeed, the business itself.

Why build a self employed sales team with Citrus Connect?

Citrus connect is one of the premiere self employed recruitment agencies in Leeds and the United Kingdom.

With over 15 years’ experience in sales recruitment, our team forms one of the best connected and most qualified sales recruitment agencies in the industry.

Having worked with a range of companies, including numerous FSTE 100 organisations, Citrus Connect is well versed at assisting companies of all sizes, and from a great range of backgrounds.

Why use a self employed sales team?

When it comes to utilising a self employed sales team, there are benefits to be had for everyone.

Not only will a company take on less of a financial risk, but using an independent sales representative gives you the ability to manage cash flow, access a greater ranging talent pool, and provides your business with a more passionate and reliable sales team.

Is a sales job right for you?

Self employed sales jobs are great for people who want to really challenge themselves in a competitive sales environment.

Determination, reliability and the ability to think on your feet are key to any self-employed job – but it is in sales where a person can really reap the rewards.

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