Happy Friday! We are now well and truly into the 2nd quarter of the year.

In the business world, its time to review accomplishments in the first quarter and to identify goals to focus on in the second quarter. It’s called quarterly goals.

The benefit of setting goals on a quarterly basis is that they are short term. You’re not just procrastinating for half of the year saying “I still have plenty of time to accomplish that”. On top of that, you can look back at the last quarter and evaluate what worked and what didn’t.

When you figure out what doesn’t work, you can adjust the next term’s goals and set yourself up to succeed.

Today, we ask you to adopt this quarterly mindset. If you aren;t using this in your career, you should be! But more than that you can use it in your everyday life for your personal goals also.

While you think about how to move forward this year, consider this;

1. Take a look back at the past three months. What did you actually accomplish? What were you hoping to achieve? What worked and what didn’t? Write it all down

2. Evaluate: If something did not work, how will you change things to see real progress? If you had a goal to lose weight and did nothing in the last three months, this quarter it might be a higher priority.

3. Re-prioritise! Put these high priority goals first make that your MAIN focus for the next 3 months. If there are a few goals that would be better accomplished later in the year, give yourself permission not to stress about them. You may also consider breaking up the original goal into smaller ones and focusing on accomplishing a smaller goal each quarter.

When you do the above, you re-focus. the extra motivation will help keep you on track and moving forward at a steady pace. If you try to accomplish everything at once, you will set yourself up for failure. Even worse, once you fail to accomplish, it conditions you not to set goals anymore.

Goal setting is the one skill that will enable you to achieve everything you want in your career, now go evaluate your last quarter and start setting goals for this one.

Have a great weekend all, Team at Citrus Connect

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