resultsWhat are your results??

Have you heard that before?? If you are wondering why others are getting the favour instead of you, then look at your results?

4 main things an employer looks for…

  1. Are you  a hard worker?
  2. Are you committed to the role?
  3. Are you willing to learn? AND…
  4. What value will you add to our business?

Let’s talk about point number 4 here!! if you cannot quantify your results, then think about what others would testify to, what would your testimonials look like? Testimonials are a great way for you to check on your results as well as your targeted results… Go on, we challenge you, if we asked your present or previous employer about those 4 points above, what would they say?

We always measure our results and today wanted to share with you what others are saying about us, let us know what you think about us too!

“We recognise how crucial it is to ensure our interviewees are clear about the role they are applying for prior to their interview.  Citrus Connect have assisted us in achieving this in a much better way and have surpassed the results achieved by any of their predecessors!  Our last assessment day saw an 85% attendance rate from which we achieved a 40% offer rate. 
We would not be able to replicate the quality of candidate submitted and all of the work involved with this by going it alone and placing adverts in newspapers.  In fact we are currently achieving a saving by using Citrus Connect and are highly delighted with the quality, professionalism and personal, tailor made services we receive from them.
We would recommend Citrus Connect as your only recruitment solution, why bother with others who do not provide the services they promise?

Sales Director at Trust Inheritance

“In this modern day and age, it’s easy to overlook someone who is providing excellence. I recently had the great pleasure to use your business to find me a job.

Giving that I have lived in 3 countries and traveled all over the world, I am used to working with recruitment agencies to find me a job, and staff. Over the last two months I have sent out over 100 letters and CV’s.

For the most part most recruitment agencies feel they are doing something very special just to talk to you by phone, or even to return a phone call. They forget the whole reason they are in business and forget the client is on both ends.

Well, I have been very impressed with your firms service, and refeshing outlook. Nothing has been too much trouble for you. Your coaching before the interview and post interview follow up has been so impressive.”

K Riley – candidate

Our success depends on our results, and don’t forget to focus on the job, but also how well you are doing it, and if you asked for a testimonial, what would it say??

Please share this blog post with your friends and family, it may give them a lightbulb moment!!

Until next time, we wish you a very happy and results focussed two weeks.

Team at Citrus Connect.


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