The modern-day marketing sector ranges from big-name advertising agencies with a wealth of in-house talent, to those with a more flexible workforce of self-employed individuals, often working in commission-only jobs.

But while many in the industry might aspire to those household names responsible for the groundbreaking big-budget marketing campaigns we encounter in our daily lives, it is simply not necessary to headhunt the most expensive individuals in order to build a talented workforce that can adapt to your ever-changing order book.

In fact, if your client base doesn’t include multinational brands with millions to spend on their next sales campaign, a self-employed workforce can give you the flexibility you need to work to their budget, whatever it may be – and this is particularly the case if your sales team includes individuals hired to commission-only jobs.

You will discover the ambition

This is not a way of working that will suit every employee, as many people need the safety net of a guaranteed salary, but it can help to naturally single out those dynamic individuals with the drive to succeed in challenging sales roles – a kind of built-in ‘sorting hat’ to funnel enthusiastic candidates into the marketing sector in the first place.

It gives them the chance to earn a competitive income right from the start of their career, as the more they sell, the more they will earn, either up to any particular cap or limit you have put in place on their contract, or to an income limited only by the success of their sales techniques.

Your company, in turn, achieves the maximum possible number of sales – rather than risking a marketing team who aim to hit their targets without exceeding them, for fear of next week’s target being set that bit higher.

You will locate the flexibility

And you can even pass on the flexibility to your clients, in pricing structures that make the core campaign quite affordable, but then add an extra fee for every fully qualified sale; without the risk of non-payment, as the client should have taken payment for the sale first, but with the potential of near-limitless revenue on the most successful campaigns.

But it all begins with hiring the right individuals for your self-employed and commission-only jobs, which is where a direct sales recruitment consultant can help you to make the right decisions, and add the best available talent to your flexible workforce.

We will find the individuals

We can offer individuals whose skills outweigh their experience – perhaps because they developed their soft skills working in another sector, but are keen to apply them to direct sales instead – and this is often a way to get very talented workers into commission-only jobs where more experienced individuals would be reluctant to apply.

Many of these individuals will be looking to build their CV for future self-employed sales jobs too, and by giving them one of their first opportunities in the sector, you may find you develop an ally for future sales campaigns over the long term too, multiplying your rate of return many times over.

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