Why direct sales is a step towards a better future

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There are many reasons why anyone can find themselves considering a career change, from a personal desire for a fresh start, to unexpected redundancy.

If you don’t feel like your CV is compelling enough to get a conventional job in a competitive employment market, direct sales could help you to find a role that recognises your personal commitment and personality traits, rather than expecting you to tick certain boxes for academic performance or employment history.

Whether you are jobseeking through personal choice or necessity, direct sales offers great opportunities to move quite quickly into a career that rewards ingenuity and hard work, while allowing you to be your own boss to a greater extent.

Work where you want

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Direct sales recruitment places candidates into a wide variety of roles, and this can include getting out and about as part of door to door campaigns and outdoor sales events.

However, it doesn’t have to mean that, as direct sales roles also include meeting with potential customers for pre-scheduled appointments.

The upshot is that whether you are looking for a traditional office role, or you are keen to embrace the travel and open air of outdoor direct sales roles, there are options open to suit both desires.

Be your own boss

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Self-employed direct sales roles remove the limitations imposed by a salaried position, so the more deals you close, the more you get paid.

You still benefit from a contract that offers a certain degree of longevity and job security, but earning on a commission basis means if you want to make more money, all you have to do is close more deals.

Depending on the role, that might mean putting in some extra hours when it suits you, but it also means that if you are an effective salesperson, you should see your earnings reflect that too.

Reap your own rewards

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It’s not just about how much you earn – the nature of self-employed direct sales roles means that you reap the rewards of your own efforts in other ways too.

If you find conventional employment feels lacking in recognition and appreciation, then in direct sales it’s much easier to demonstrate your individual value in your role.

This helps many self-employed salespeople to stay motivated over the long term, and naturally leads to a very positive relationship between the best performers and their employers.

Finally, if you want work experience representing household brands, direct sales is often a good way to achieve this, whether with the truly household names, or with leading lights in a specific industry or niche.

Working in a sales role on behalf of a major brand name gives you a stronger employment history to add to your CV when looking for your next opportunity or moving back into conventional employment.

And although it’s always good to find a job that will sustain and satisfy you for the long term, the nature of self-employed direct sales means that when you do want to embrace a new opportunity, it’s easy to look for what options are open to you at the time, and take your next step along your future career path.

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