Corporate Social Responsibility

Message from Founder

“Choosing my graduate subject was never a difficult choice for me, of course, I would choose International Politics. I wanted to see good in the world, I wanted to see change in the world, a change for good! Working at the United Nations in New York was a great experience but also a realization that it will take more than little ‘young’ me! Completing a PGCE to make a difference to children's lives was also so fulfilling, however, my childhood dream to be an entrepreneur never gave up on me! Saying that I was passionate that the business I built would make a philanthropic difference.

In today's socially conscious environment, myself as an employer, our employees, clients and candidates place a premium on working for and spending their money with a business that prioritize corporate social responsibility. For me that means, we make a difference in the world.

Every year we will support a campaign that is close to my heart, and this year we want to make a positive difference to the victims of sex trafficking.

Did you know, millions of women, men, and children around the world become victims of human trafficking each year, according to the United Nations. In an attempt to not only raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking but end the practice, the United Nations has used the end of July to mark World Day against Trafficking in Persons since 2013. But the practice of human trafficking won't be eradicated without everyone's help, including yours. 

While human trafficking is defined as "modern-day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain," it can take many forms. Lured by false promises of a good job, educational opportunities, a stable conflict-free environment or even a loving romantic relationship, victims of human trafficking are then pushed into forced labour or begging, sexual exploitation, and domestic servitude. 

Over the years, human trafficking has, unfortunately, become a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise that affects nearly every single country, according to the United Nations. And sex trafficking alone is among the world's fastest-growing criminal industries.

This year, 2019, we have partnered with Kings Ransom Foundation to campaign against this industry of exploitation. Join us in our voice!”

In addition to our philanthropic endeavours, we focus on 3 other areas to ensure we doing our part to make a difference;

At Citrus Connect, we focus on 4 areas within our CSR

  1. Environmental efforts Businesses, regardless of size, have large carbon footprints. We take all possible steps to ensure we reduce those footprints.

  2. Philanthropy Every year we will support a campaign that is close to the Founders’ heart

  3. Ethical labour practices

  4. Volunteering We volunteer within Leeds City Centre to ensure we make a positive difference to the increasing homelessness in Leeds.