Corporate Social Responsibility


Message from our Founder - Corporate Social Responsibility

“Choosing my graduate subject was never a difficult choice for me, of course, I would choose International Politics. I wanted to see good in the world, I wanted to see change in the world, a change for good! Working at the United Nations in New York was a great experience but also a realization that it will take more than little ‘young’ me! Completing a PGCE to make a difference to children's lives was also so fulfilling, however, my childhood dream to be an entrepreneur never gave up on me! Saying that I was passionate that the business I built would make a philanthropic difference.

In today's socially conscious environment, myself as an employer, our employees, clients and candidates place a premium on working for and spending their money with a business that prioritize corporate social responsibility. For me that means, we make a difference in the world."

At Citrus Connect, we focus on 4 areas within our Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Environmental efforts Businesses, regardless of size, have large carbon footprints. We take all possible steps to ensure we reduce those footprints.

2. Ethical labour practices

3. Volunteering We volunteer within various organisations, offering our expertise to audience of different audiences and sizes to positively impact people’s careers

4. Philanthropy Every year we will support a campaign that is close to the Founders’ heart. Currently, we are supporting the education (child and adult) sector and sustainability projects in Malawi in partnership with Love Support Unite (Registered Charity Number: 1162406)

Love Support Unite (LSU) empowers people to become self-sufficient, with a leg-up rather than a hand-out. Community-based projects that integrate education, enterprise, nutrition and health, lift communities out of the cycle of poverty into a cycle of sustainability.


LSU is a small grassroots charity. Running costs are kept as low as possible. Through integrated community-based projects, using sustainable infrastructure and resources, including clean water and energy, they create self-sufficiency and food security, breaking reliance on aid, and disrupting the cycle of poverty.


The program is essential for food security and stability, income generation for the families, nutrition and independence. 28 new families joined the program in 2020 – 2021, of which Citrus Connect supported two full families who prior to attending this project were in desperate poverty. These families were able to grow enough food for the year to eat 3 meals per day, as opposed to 2-5 meals per week!




Who have we helped?


David Wilson

David Wilson has had a successful year through the sustainable family farms Programme. David was supporting 1 child through school before he managed to farm 3 acres and is now supporting 3 children through school. David said ' there is a great difference to past years, as they are all now eating three meals a day which we were not doing before. He has harvested enough maize to support her, her family and dependents for the whole year, He and his family are now food secure! 

David has stored the farm produce in the maize granary for safekeeping and will pay back the remaining seed loan when he sells the surplus. He is able to

sell the farm surplus to buy farming inputs for 2021-22 so that she can plant again next year without needing any more support from the program. David was supporting 8 dependents and is now supporting 10 dependents from his home, through the benefits of the Sustainable Family Farms.


Margret Metma


Margret Mtema has had a successful year through the sustainable family farms Programe. Before this programme they were only eating 1 meal a day and only 1 child out of 3 were attending school. They now have three meals a day and all 3 children are enrolled in school. She said ' we have had such a different year beacuse we have food and money for our needs.

Margret has harvested enough maize to support her, family and dependents for the whole year, This family is now food secure! She has stored the access farm produce in the maize storage in sacks, to keep them safe. Margret will pay back the remaining part of the loan with the surplus farm produce. She is

able to sell the farm surplus to buy farming inputs for 2021-22 so that she can plant again next year without needing any more support from the program. Margret was supporting 11 dependents - and is now supporting 13 with the excess farming surplus and money due to the Sustainable Family Farms Program.

The impact Love Support Unite have made so far:

  • Helped local communities to build 4x primary school blocks • 3x college let blocks • 1x outdoor classroom • 1x nursery school

  • 30,000 patients helped, including 10,649 malaria tests and life saving treatments. Indirectly helping 240,000 people by keeping those they depend on alive.

  • 60,000 meals served sustainably each year

  • 10,168 children given access to education via our teach to teach programme

  • 600 primary school children given access to education

  • 695 Mothers trained in mother and infant health

  • 703 Students and 11 teachers at our 5 adult literacy centers

  • 270 College students in education

  • 110 Families with 676 dependants given food security through our sustainable farming programme

  • 30 Acre food farm provided to Tilinanu Orphanage

  • 2 bore holes sunk giving 6000 access to water

  • 2 Sites provided with solar power

  • Emergency aid provided in cholera epidemic and during cyclone disaster

  • Provide all administrative costs for Tilinanu Orphanage

  • 3130 provided with dental assistance in remote areas


Thank you Love Support Unite for allowing us to partner with you!