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Ignite your Success with Simplicity, Efficiency and Profitability

The Direct Sales Recruitment Experts, working nationwide and laser-focused on your business strategy.

Our Approach
A dynamic, proactive, tailored & conscientious approach

We are highly effective at building successful direct sales teams that work and stay together with high rates of staff retention.



Ignite your strategy with Citrus Connect Recruitment's tailored approach. We proactively seek out the perfect sales candidates for your business.



Experience the ultimate partnership as Citrus Connect Recruitment eases the burden on your managers. We adapt to their schedules and workloads, guaranteeing a simple, efficient, and profitable sales recruitment process.



Unleash the power of our elite sales database and unparalleled expertise. We uncover direct sales agents across the UK, targeting precise postcodes to accelerate your business growth.



Unlock the secret to superior retention. Our proven methods and in-house intelligence enable us to identify your ideal hires, guided by your top direct sales performers and market insights.

Extra Layers of Value

Extra layers of success: Our mission is to rapidly build an impactful, high-productivity direct sales team that delivers outstanding results, saving you precious time and costs.

We don't just stop there: We constantly evaluate our contribution to your business, ensuring unparalleled value and performance. Experience the most valuable service, tailored exclusively for your success.

Est. 2009

Experience in abundance

Setting the bar high in the sales recruitment arena!

Our extensive journey in the sales recruitment industry empowers us to collaborate with market and industry leaders. We cater to the diverse needs of all types of direct sales roles whether they are employed or self-employed commission-only sales teams. Our outstanding quality shines through the long-term relationships we forge with clients. We partner closely, ensuring consistent achievement of their business goals and needs. Every detail matters. At every stage of the recruitment process, we exercise meticulous tracking and analysis, allowing us to provide real-time feedback and offer unmatched transparency throughout.

Client Feedback

"Communication with the citrus team has been nothing short of exemplary. They are passionate, resourceful and determined. So far, they've recruited at least 10 candidates on our behalf with many more in the pipeline. The decision to work with Cirtus has not only saved my business an awful lot of time and effort, it has also improved the quality of candidates within the sales force."

Ricky Towler


"Leena’s willingness to listen to why we are different, put in tangible changes to her own recruitment model to personalise to our needs, and her innovative ideas has seen this relationship grow from a fairly small pilot to now Citrus Connect handling 100% of our Course Advisor recruitment."

Darren Tye


"We have been working with Citrus Connect for 7 years now.

Leena and the team have consistently provided us with really strong candidates who go on to have a bright future with us."

Sophie Billing


"It is a pleasure to work alongside you at Citrus Connect, you guys are amazing, you understand us which makes our lives so much easier."

Audrey Chapman


"We have worked with Citrus Connect for over 6 years now and we are delighted to have such a high retention rate with our sales team. Top advisors earn 6 figures plus attending 3 appointments a week, as long as candidates have people skills, we can train everything else."

Andrew Stock


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Building a self-employed direct sales force from scratch.



When Sales Designer retention became an issue, we had to start with recruitment.



To increase your market share you need highly skilled sales professionals.

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