Meet the Founder


Leena Parmar

In 2008 I saw a gap in the recruitment market place, in 2009 I founded Citrus Connect Recruitment with my launch client, The Automobile Association. With my help and expertise, we grew their direct sales force from a 80 person headcount to 250 within 18 months. 

I perfected a recruitment process so simple, easy and efficient to specifically recruit 'self-employed' direct sales personnel. We now work with clients in all industries and are sought after for our track and evaluate processes which gives you real time insights of the recruitment journey specific to your business. I started Citrus Connect Recruitment to share the power of direct sales and how it can completely transform lives, today we recruit for all types of sales roles from canvassers, telesales to direct sales personnel. And now recruiting for sales managers and directors across all sectors.

I believe that nothing is impossible, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, I believe in being bold and courageous, but firm in the understanding that it takes faith and action to really produce results. I don’t believe in giving up, but in developing problem-solving initiatives. I believe in being direct and honest, transparent, and clear with my intentions and the intentions of Citrus Connect Recruitment. I am loyal, passionate and act in the highest degree of integrity, but ultimately understand without gratitude Citrus connect would not be the company it is today.


At Citrus Connect , we can help you recruit, grow and retain your sales team.


RECRUIT your sales team

Recruitment can be a lengthy process and instead of your managers doing their job of generating revenue for your business they become full time interviewers. This is not why you hired them, you hired them to manage and exceed targets. Partnering with Citrus Connect means we take the burden off your managers and work with their schedules and workload to ensure a simple, easy and efficient process. 


GROW your sales team

So you want to grow your sales team, but only in certain areas of the country, or you cant find the right people in certain geographical territories? You cannot grow without the right people in the right place. With a database of sales professionals, we can find you the right people in the right postcodes to enhance and support any business growth plan.

RETAIN your sales team

Without retention, you will be consistently recruiting and remain exactly where you started. With proven methods and in-house intelligence, we have designed, we can profile who you should hire based on your current top performers.

We then use this information to hire salespeople who will not just stay but be your top sales guys.

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