Recruit a Sales Team

We understand the importance of having a reliable sales team who achieve consistent results, so our service is tailored to meet all the needs of your business.


Our experience working within recruitment and the sales recruitment industry has given us the leverage to work with a range of market leaders and industry experts that have sales recruitment (including self-employed sales personnel) needs. Our quality is highlighted by the long-term relationships we have with our clients, we have successfully worked in partnership with all our clients to ensure their business goals and needs are consistently achieved. We believe that our personalised approach sets us apart from others and our attention to detail means that we track and analyse at each stage of the recruitment process, allowing us to feedback and offering full visibility at all times.


Our ultimate aim is to add value to your business by recruiting an effective, highly productive sales team quickly, which is time and cost effective on your part. We provide expert recruitment solutions tailored specifically for your business. We evaluate the value we add to your business as well as our performance at regular intervals to build a true partnership with each client to consistently provide the most valuable service.

"Hiring the right people is the key to your growth."

Leena Parmar, Founder

How We Can Help

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At Citrus Connect we upkeep a personalised and conscientious approach in which we pro-actively search for the right candidate for your business. We help each and every one of our clients to build their sales force effectively – creating strong teams that work and stay together with increased longevity.

Recruitment can be a lengthy process and instead of your managers doing their job of generating revenue for your business they become full time interviewers. Partnering with Citrus Connect means we take the burden off your managers and work with their schedules and workload to ensure a simple, easy and efficient recruitment process.

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With a database of sales professionals across the whole of the UK, we can find you the right people in the right postcodes to enhance and support any business growth plan. Whether you are looking for aggressive, fast paced growth or steady growth of your sales force, we work with you and your business plan to ensure your business objectives are consistently met

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Retention is a key performance indicator for us as a recruitment partner. With proven methods and in-house intelligence designed by ourselves, we can profile who you should hire based on your current top performers and the changes occurring in your business

"I perfected a recruitment process that was simple, easy and efficient and together with my launch client, the Automobile Association grew their direct sales force by over +200%."

Leena Parmar, Founder