10 Amazing PROS for Temporary Work!

13th February 2021

There is a lot of negativity around temporary work. Yes, most people if not all would like the opportunity to have a permanent placement, the stability, the routine and knowing what your week holds ahead. So, temporary work is often looked down on.

With the current situation globally, I think we can all agree that a lot within the workforce has changed quite drastically as has our ways of living. We have had to adapt and evolve to get through these testing times.

According to SIA (staffing industry analysts), the number of temporary employees increased by 3% on a seasonally adjusted basis to approximately 1.46 million between the three-month period of May 2020-July 2020 compared to the same period the year before, released by the office for national statistics.

Between June to August 2020, there were an estimated 434,000 vacancies in the UK, which is almost 30% higher than the record low in April to June 2020.

Temporary work rose significantly in 2020 due to the pandemic and uncertainty surrounding what the future could hold for businesses.

Now, let’s take a look at those benefits!

  • An opportunity to have an income

There is nothing worse than the pressure of being out of work, looking for your next move, and counting the pennies to get you through the month. With temporary placements, you have an income whilst still having the freedom to search for a role you feel may suit you more.

  • A psychological boost

Especially during the last year, millions out of work, searching for not only a job but a chance to keep some kind of normality in their lives. Landing a temp job really shows how you stand out from the crowd, knowing that you can reach out and grab what you want!

  • Test drive different industries

This is one of my favourite points, temporary work really does give you the opportunity to try as many industries as possible to see what you feel suits you. Did you know that 70% of employees don’t consider their current position as their dream job?

  • Gain skills

Temp work gives you the opportunity to try out many different paths, meet new people and gain a variety of skills along the way. Your skills on your resume are the keywords that employers are scanning for. You can never have too many!

  • Gain experience

Just as gaining skills, you gain plenty of experience and knowledge which keeps you up to date. Remember that companies hiring temporary employees does not mean you are less qualified, it means that they are most likely just trying to keep costs down.

  • Add more to your resume

We all know now in this day and age that the way forward is to tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Temporary work gives you more experience and options for tailoring, in turn giving you more of a leg to stand on.

  • Can lead to a permanent position

As said earlier, being able to test drive different industries may just land you in the perfect career. It all comes down to you and the work you put in while you’re there. Best do everything to leave your mark!

  • Great referrals

Having different roles, skills, and adaptability behind you with the support of previous employers enables you to have a pick of great references.

  • Grow your professional network

It is true, that the more you put your foot in the door, the bigger your network pool will become. Who knows what opportunities await, best to get as many chances as possible!

  • The ability to test the waters at a specific company

It’s possible you have had your eye on a particular company yet haven’t had the chance to land a permanent job there. Well, temporary work can help get your foot in that door. Then the rest is up to you 🙂

With all these benefits it’s hard to see why so much negativity has surrounded temporary placements. There really is a lot you can get out of temporary placements. Yes, they don’t have to be forever and yes they can lead you to your destined career!

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