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Monthly Recruitment Insight: Are Hiring Algorithms Leaving Humanity Behind?

As we step into the heart of February, this month, we ask a pressing question: “Are Hiring Algorithms Leaving Humanity Behind?” As AI’s role in recruitment grows, evidenced by a […]

The 4 Steps Needed For Putting Vision And Daily Habits Into Action.

As we end a year it’s good practice to take time for reflection. Reflect on what worked, what we achieved, what didn’t work and what we feel we could have […]

Everyday is Sunday: The Importance of Maintaining Routines, Proper Sleep Patterns and Organisation

“Three Weeks of Groundhog Day” is a term I’ve been hearing a lot regarding the current period of self-isolation and lockdown. For those unfamiliar with the term “Groundhog Day”, it […]

How you use the skills you do have to successfully home-school?

As schools continue to remain closed throughout the country due to coronavirus, more and more parents are finding themselves with an unexpected job title or teacher. Well, Leena Parmar, our […]

5 mental health challenges of self-isolation and how to overcome them

With the advent of COVID-19 and the implementation of self-isolation, one of the major challenges to be faced is how we take care of our mental health in self-isolation and […]

Law Of Intentionality

Law of Intentionality So many questions you can ask yourself right now to gauge your growth. For example: How can I improve? How can I gain wisdom? How can I […]

Where does money come from?

Our parents told us when we were younger that money doesn’t grow on trees, but I don’t remember them telling us where it did grow. Our coach and mentor Dani […]

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