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Monthly Recruitment Insights – Navigating the Winds of Change: Reflections on the Job Market as 2023 Ends

As 2023 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the state of our job market and its implications for the future.  This year has indeed been a rollercoaster, […]

UK Business Confidence on the Rise: Will Employer Investment and Recruitment Soar as 2024 Approaches?

As the UK approaches 2024, there’s a positive trend in employer confidence towards investment and recruitment within their firms, showing an upward trajectory each month. This trend aligns with the […]

Monthly Recruitment Insights – Navigating Autumn Recruitment Trends

Autumn Advances, Our Commitment Remains Steadfast I trust this message finds you well as we delve into the golden hues of October. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, our […]

Monthly Recruitment Insights – April 2023 – Guiding Through Recruitment’s Evolving Landscape

Summer Fades, Our Resolve Does Not I hope this message finds you in high spirits and thriving as we enter the vibrant month of September. As the Founder and Managing […]

The Need to Focus on Workplace Learning – Recruitment Insights June 2023

In Brief With the uncertainty and contrasting viewpoints, it is more challenging to decipher what the recruitment landscape looks like. What we do know for certain, however, is that you […]

Monthly Recruitment Insights – April 2023 – What the budget means for recruitment

I sincerely hope this newsletter is a nice surprise in your inbox this afternoon, I have been pretty silent in your inbox apart from regular job alerts, this is because […]

How to tackle self-doubt during your job search

Looking for a new job can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Add a candidate-driven marketplace, with heaps of emerging talent out there. It can get overwhelming and […]

January 2023 Monthly Recruitment Insights

Happy New Year to you, hope you had time to enjoy the festivities and have a newfound energy for the year in store. From political changes, economic challenges and new […]

Dec Monthly Recruitment Insights – Optimism for 2023

As with every December, I have spent most of last week and will spend some of this week conducting end-of-year reviews – confidence levels are high (with caution of course) but more importantly most are positive that we can ride this wave as we have many others, in partnership, with resilience and of course effective workforce planning.

Founders Monthly Newsletter – Confidence drops but the need for people remains high

Hiring challenges remain, it is important to keep the market buoyant to prevent employer and candidate confidence from dropping. On the same token, if we want to drive higher economic […]

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