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How to tackle self-doubt during your job search

Looking for a new job can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Add a candidate-driven marketplace, with heaps of emerging talent out there. It can get overwhelming and […]

Yes, you can land a role with zero experience, and here is how!

You need to have experience to get experience, what a vicious cycle for those who are either starting out in the workforce or those who are looking to change careers. […]

8 qualities that employers like to see in candidates plus the secret gem revealed!

Job searching can be tough, and finding the perfect job can be even harder. As a job seeker it’s important to connect with a company, what they stand for and […]

How to network with recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network globally. It is packed with professionals in all industries; employers, employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and those advancing their careers. Utilising LinkedIn as a job […]

How to plan your next steps after a job rejection

Rejection is never easy, especially if it was a role you really wanted and put a lot of effort into. Without the right mindset, this can cause great damage to […]

How to get a job in the current climate

Looking for a job can be quite stressful especially if you are out of work completely so financial situations add to the urgency of finding a placement. This can have […]

Imposter Syndrome – You Got This!

Imposter Syndrome is something that plagues even the best of us! It’s the feeling that we don’t belong, are inadequate or incompetent even though we have all evidence proving otherwise. […]

How to best leverage LinkedIn in your job search

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn was created as a social networking tool for business professionals. Users could look for jobs, host their resumes and ask former employers, colleagues, and mentors to […]

10 Amazing PROS for Temporary Work!

There is a lot of negativity around temporary work. Yes, most people if not all would like the opportunity to have a permanent placement, the stability, the routine and knowing […]

GOALS and the importance of them

Why do we set goals? What is the importance of them? Goals are like water to us, we can’t survive without them, besides we set goals continuously without even realising […]

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