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It’s time, breathtaking interview secrets are now revealed! No more rejections!!

Your CV gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job! Interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, you may feel intimidated, you may look around the room at all […]

Virtual interviewing ‘The New Norm’

As virtual interviews increase globally, it has also shown an increase in competition with more and more remote roles becoming available as businesses are adapting and evolving to changes. So, […]

In-person vs. virtual interviews

As the pandemic seems as though it will get under control by 2021, I started thinking about the interviewing processes and how much they have changed (amongst many other things) […]

4 Signs an Interview went well

It is natural to have job interview anxiety. Interviewing can be a fearful event, read our blog article to put your mind at ease to know the 4 positive signs […]

Do you have any questions?

That anticipated question when you come to the end of an interview? What’s your response? not at this stage or do you pull out your notebook with your prepared […]

Dressing for Success

Our good friend Linda Potgieter, stands by the phrase ‘you’re in the fashion business whether you like it or not? Can fashion help you be more successful? Linda believes it […]

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