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Citrus’s Corporate Social Responsibility Focus

Welcome to the world of Citrus Corporate Social Responsibility Focus, where CSR is not just a catchphrase but a way of life. “As the proud leader of this organisation, I […]

Meet Rumina our fantastic Operations Manager

Rumina is our Operations manager, she has been with us at Citrus Connect Recruitment now for over 6 years. We are happy to announce that Rumina will be off on […]

Q & A with our Founder, Leena Parmar

As we head into the special month of November, we caught up with our Founder, Leena Parmar to talk about how Citrus Connect was born and what the future holds […]

8 Benefits of being self-employed through Citrus Connect

There is no doubt that the pandemic has shifted us all in so many ways. From our working routines to what we value the most. Through all the uncertainty over […]

Why do you need Citrus Connect as your recruitment agency?

The biggest questions we get asked are; why use an agency, what is a recruitment agency and why do we exist? In simple terms, recruitment agencies work as a dating […]

Why you STILL need a recruitment agency in 2021 and how Citrus Connect can help you

No doubt with the increase of virtual interviews and remote work over the last year, some are starting to question the real need for recruitment agencies. Well, with regards to […]

Building Trust in Recruitment

Clients are the ultimate regulator for the recruitment industry, as the sector’s basic business model dictates that many of those employed in the recruitment industry work for commission only. Clients […]

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