Development and Retention

Monthly Recruitment Insight: Are Hiring Algorithms Leaving Humanity Behind?

As we step into the heart of February, this month, we ask a pressing question: “Are Hiring Algorithms Leaving Humanity Behind?” As AI’s role in recruitment grows, evidenced by a […]

Direct Sales Representatives; Top 10 Tips For Cultivating an Elite Culture 

Direct Sales Representatives

4 Top tips to retain your sales team in 2023

Retention starts with recruitment. Creating a robust recruitment plan is the very first step when growing and retaining your sales team.  It is not simply about hiring people and finding […]

How do I communicate my company’s purpose to candidates?

We have seen drastic changes in the workforce over the last two years. The reason why people go to work and the effect that it will have in their life […]

How to RETAIN your TEAM in the current climate

Staff turnover has a dramatic effect on companies. It costs valuable time, resources and money constantly searching, hiring, and training new staff only to go through that again every few […]

The Importance of Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership has major benefits for both the short-term and long term success of the company. This creates a positive work culture, brand image and the emotional well being of […]

How to Retain Top Talent

Retaining top talent is crucial to business success. Without retention, you will be consistently recruiting and remain exactly where you started whilst spending plenty of time and resources you could […]

Building teamwork in a hybrid work environment

As the restrictions are easing across the UK, one solution being offered to employees is the flexibility of a hybrid work environment. This means that some tasks will be followed […]

How to cultivate emotional intelligence in your team

Emotions and personalities are ingrained into each and every one of us. It’s impossible to control how things make us feel however, we can control how we react and we […]

How to BUILD and RETAIN your team in a VIRTUAL setting Virtual teams and remote work has increased

Virtual teams and remote work has increased rapidly in the last year, it was recorded back in September 2020 that in the height of 2020 lock-downs 60% of the UK […]

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