20 Journal prompts to help you focus on your career goals

24th January 2021

We’ve all heard of journalling, but then there is work journalling – both involve personal introspection, but work journa;ling is a tool allowing you to reflect on your daily performance and your career as a whole. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘doing’ of life and lose track of the goals you set yourself; whether that was at the beginning of the year or you are in the midst of your 5-year plan – it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you keep yourself focused! Especially if you are in a self-employed sales role.

We recommend a work journal and write in it at least once a week – can be more, the frequency depends on your life and schedule. Some people can reflect on their own work every single day, whilst others will feel once a week is enough. There is no hard and fast rule – do what feels right for you. Our Founder, Leena Parmar, journalling is a daily practice to purge everything in your mind and gain clarity.

Reflecting back on your performance from your personal standpoint reminds you to live up to your own standards of performance and ensures you are working towards your career goals. Working on your career goals also means that you are simultaneously working towards the goals of your company – so when you journal it’s important you balance your goals in line with the company goals – that is how you will become a true employee-preneur!

These 20 work journal writing prompts will cover all of the bases and help you dig into where you are and where you would like to be:

  1. What goals do I want to achieve this quarter? How will I achieve those goals?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. What could I have done better this week?
  4. What is my biggest issue in terms of organisation and time management?
  5. How can I be a better communicator?
  6. What did I do today that will get me closer to my career goals?
  7. I am proud of myself professionally because _________.
  8. What is it about my job that makes me happiest?
  9. What is one area I can learn more about in order to be better at my job?
  10. What is the next step in my career, and can that be done in my current position? If not what is my plan? If so, how will I manifest that?
  11. What are my biggest weaknesses professionally? How can I turn those into strengths or at least less problematic weaknesses?
  12. What are my strengths? Am I putting those strengths to good use?
  13. What mistakes did I make this week and what did I learn from them?
  14. How am I spending my time on a daily basis? Is there anything that needs to be adjusted?
  15. What am I most proud of professionally? Why?
  16. Is there professional development or educational training I need/want to pursue to improve and further my career? How can I make that a reality?
  17. What do I want my career to look like in one year? What are my action steps?
  18. What do I want my career to look like in five years? 10 years? What are my action steps?
  19. Does my job leave me feeling professionally fulfilled? Does it make me happy? Why or why not?
  20. What is my ideal work routine? How can I make that a reality in my life?

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