6 ways to stay visible while working remotely

27th August 2021

Remote working can leave you feeling detached from co-workers and managers. Not being so visible around the workforce can have a detrimental effect on career progression so it is vital that when you opt for remote working (as it suits your needs best) that you do what you can to stay visible, connected, and as part of the team and company as everyone else.

It’s important to start being intentional about what you are doing, what achievements you are making,and what ideas and values you have to contribute. Just because you are working from home does not mean that your contributions need to go unnoticed. You may prefer keeping a low profile however increasing your visibility will most likely:

  • Open you up to more opportunities
  • Build stronger and meaningful relationships with coworkers
  • You alongside your team will get the recognition you deserve
  • You will show your effectiveness as a leader and your ‘can do’ attitude despite the challenges you face
  • You will prove the value you add to the company even from afar

It is not about doing more work, rather it’s about making yourself and what you do more present among the workforce.

We have created a small list of things you can do to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to stay noticed and get the recognition you deserve.

  1. Dress the part

Being dressed for the workday has a big impact on your mood and productivity. Just because you are working from home does not mean you should present yourself any differently. Represent yourself the same way you wish your coworkers and managers to perceive you.

2. Have face-to-face meetings often and speak up

Being involved with the team often helps with motivation and teamwork, this keeps you in the loop on a daily/weekly basis. Showing your face has a massive impact on being able to maximise your ability to communicate effectively. Prepare yourself for the meeting in advance and make sure that you have something to contribute so you will be seen and heard.

3. Check-in with your team members often

Communicate often with your team as a group and individually and make sure to ask them if you can help with any task they may have. This will build valuable trust and set you apart as a leader. Don’t forget that reaching out doesn’t have to lay with co-workers alone, you could reach out to your manager or supervisors and ask to lend a hand too.

4. Send weekly reports

Sending weekly reports to your manager or supervisor is a great way to highlight all of the things you have achieved throughout the week and any ideas you may have for the following week. This shows them the value that you add on a regular basis. It also shows that you are responsible, dependable and you do not need to be micromanaged. It is more likely that your manager will come to you with new opportunities as they arise.

5. Take time to speak up about your team’s accomplishments

Explicitly acknowledge your team for the hard work they do during meetings, in chat groups and via emails. Small acknowledgements go a long way in boosting morale, confidence and supported relationships. It also shows your supervisors and managers what you are accomplishing as a team and individually, talks about problems faced and how you overcame them. This puts your leadership on display and that your team is performing well.

6. Share positive work

Networking what you, your team and the company are accomplishing on a weekly or monthly basis. You can share anything from an extremely productive week, meeting or what your company has been doing to support charities etc. Share it all and make sure to tag your team and the company on each post.

Working from home does not mean you need to go under the radar, these are small things you can do to keep yourself visible. Remember that it’s just as important to have social interactions whilst working from home so taking that extra time and effort to communicate and build strong relationships not only helps you stay visible at work but encourages healthy patterns to maintain in your new schedule. Over time distancing yourself can lead to a variety of mental health problems, so keep active, alert, and present from afar!

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