8 Proven ways to speed up your hiring process

23rd February 2022

Speeding up your hiring process is crucial for saving money, improving the candidates experience, and grabbing the very best talent first. The last thing you want is to find the right candidate and keep them waiting for too long that they lose interest.

In today’s marketplace, candidates are in the driving seat, so it’s time to act fast and efficiently.

“The average interview process in the UK takes 27.5 days to complete” (Glassdoor)

It’s important to hire quickly without compromising the recruitment process. A bad hire cost the company a ton of money, time, and effort that could have been used elsewhere to benefit the company’s overall mission.

In order to speed up your hiring process, it’s important to implement these 8 steps into your hiring strategy.

1. Use a recruitment specialist

Partnering up with a recruitment specialist in your industry is a no-brainer. They have tried-and-tested techniques and methods to place the right candidates in the right roles, and quickly. They have a large network and talent pool right at their fingertips and expert knowledge in cvs, resumes, and interview skills.

2. Create a clear recruitment structure and planned timeline

Revisit your structure often to make sure you are on track. Make sure that you communicate the steps with everybody involved so everybody is clear on what is happening and when. Go through the structure and ask-what does each step accomplish? Eliminate steps that have little to no value in the process.

3. Know the exact type of candidate you are looking for.

You must know the type of person you want to join your company and the role. What goals they should have and what attributes they should possess. Going in blind will be a confusing and wasteful process for both you and the candidate.

4. Write accurate and effective job descriptions

To attract the right talent, you cannot be vague. The purpose of a job description is to attract the RIGHT candidates and set the right expectations about the position, the company, and the culture.

-Job details



-Basic company information

-Highlight company values, vision, and culture

-Be honest about responsibilities, duties, and compensation

-Keep the description short and straight to the point

-Use bullet points to highlight points and make lists

5. Optimise your job ad for mobile browsing

According to Indeeds traffic, mobile browsing accounts for over 50%. Make sure your job advert looks good and is easy to navigate using a mobile phone or tablet. Include bullet points and space out sentences so easy to read.

6. Utilise social media platforms and select job boards carefully

Choose carefully the job boards you want to post on. You want to attract the right talent, not just anyone and everyone. Once a job ad has gone up, make sure to post it on social media too.

“79% of job seekers have used social media in their job search in the last year” (Job description-library)

7. Be transparent with your communication

From the very beginning, incorporate open, honest, and frequent communication with your candidates. Let them know:

-How long the application will take

-When they can expect to hear back

-The hiring process estimated timeline

-And how long each step will probably take

8. Test out your recruitment process on current employees

To improve the process, you need to know first-hand what the experience is like. Have some of your employees apply for the position. This is where you will learn if some steps are confusing or too time-consuming.

Hiring the right people in the shortest and most efficient time possible will benefit your team and company tenfold.

With the right staff in your team, you will increase efficiency and productivity, leading to increased profits. This includes your sales team, both self-employed and employed staff.

At Citrus Connect we specialise in sales recruitment. We have roles ranging from direct sales self-employed sales jobs to employed sales jobs, depending on the company’s structure. We take care of the whole recruitment process with our expert knowledge in candidate profiling, CV writing skills, interview skills and resume searching.

Remember, only interview the very best candidates, not the ‘just in case’ ones, and always keep a talent pool for future open positions!!

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