Are you an employee-preneur?

22nd April 2020

Change is the new normal, jobs are not secure.

You may have been subject to layoffs or reorganisations where you are now doing the work of three people…or simply don’t have enough work to keep you busy. Whatever the case, being an employee-preneur could be the answer.

You may not want to take the risk of running your own business, and that’s totally fair, however treating your employers business like your own, gets you to your route to progression. It’s a way for you to thrive and service within this ‘new’ system!

You can find fun, fulfilment, purpose, passion, and power in moving yourself into the top tiers of your company. And the joy and sense of control over your destiny in indescribable.

And even if you do want to make your own move and find a new organisation to support you, the relationships you will develop, the results you will create, confidence and skill you will have gained will help you rise to the top of any competitive interview situation.

So what is it?

Step 1 – Be someone they can count on

It all starts with being a reliable and effective contributor to the company, you must always deliver, and if you cannot due to outside circumstances beyond your control communicate that as soon as you can to your superior. If they have come to you for feedback, you are too late!

A business will do anything to keep an employee who helps with any of the following;

Create more customers

Gain better talent within

Create more sales

Save and cut costs

(These four skills in themselves will make you so valuable!)

Step 2 – Share your struggles and your results

If you want to get ahead it isn’t enough just to do the work well and assume you’ll get noticed. true people often do notice and you will get opportunities that way.

Effectively communicating your successes and sharing some best practices can go a long way toward building your personal brand.

This one is about how you communicate…and share best practices for the common goal of the business objectives. Remember any employer who can see anyone striving for business goals WILL be noticed.

Step 3 – Give away the credit

Nothing will undermine your future success more than taking public credit for something that someone else created. If you’re a manager when you have great results from your team, compliment or call out one of the team members who made something happen that was critical for the success of the venture.

As you get bigger and bigger roles or projects to contribute to you will find your influence increases and your stature in the company become larger as others support your grand visions.

Step 4 – Volunteer

If you are expecting to get paid to do the next job before you get it, you will find you will get there very slowly.

People hate risk and business owners and managers are no different. Put yourself in their shoes, would you promote someone who has never shown they have the skills to deliver the role? Or would you promote the person who has already done all the elements of the role?

To be an employee-preneur, you need to learn more about mindset. 

Learn how you can provide value.

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