Building Trust in Recruitment

Clients are the ultimate regulator for the recruitment industry, as the sector's basic business model dictates that many of those employed in the recruitment industry work for commission only. Clients giving a single vacancy to a number of agencies, creates a dog-eat-dog environment in which they create a multi-agency 'dog-fight' - not the best environment to create trust!

Lack of barriers to entry and regulation in recruitment foster an industry culture in which quality can fall short. Anyone with a laptop and phone can start a recruitment business. However, saying that, it is exactly how Citrus Connect was set up and now is a UK leading Recruitment Agency with a niche in direct sales.

Trust in recruitment simply means one thing - "getting the job done, in a timely, efficient, simple and cost effective manner where the client reaps the rewards of our hard work". Fees are not the reason we got to the top of where we are, but giving unprecedented service to our clients, a service where we place our clients needs over our own. Where ultimately, we understand our client's commercials and work towards their needs and business goals.

Candidates themselves need to do more due diligence on recruitment firms they are considering to use, it is important that be involved as a consumer. One measure of trustworthiness may be to request various figures;

  • Clients worked with

  • Retention rates with clients

  • Case studies

  • Testimonials

We do need greater accountability and transparency within the recruitment industry to build trust!

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