GOALS and the importance of them

Why do we set goals?

What is the Importance of them?

Goals are like water to us, we can’t survive without them, besides we set goals continuously without even realising it.

The definition of a goal is the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. In short saying, it is anything planned for. It can be from what dinner to cook, or what holiday you want for the upcoming year, to where you want to be in 10 years. They give us a sense of direction, aim, focus and drive.

Without them, we may as well be a mess of ideas with no clear structure on how to get there. A bit like the life of wires, continuously getting tangled.

Setting goals encourages motivation, helps us gain a good knowledge base, bring light to new behaviours, and most importantly they give us our sense of self-mastery. You cannot manage what you don’t measure. This is a fundamental must for our personal and professional growth.

They help us with this naturally by feeding us the motivation for our short term goals and showing us the vision for the long term ones.

To be successful professionally and personally you must set yourself realistic goals, start small, achieve them and then expand on each new goal.

You will always set goals throughout your life, however, it is you who chooses ifyou lower goals to match your effort or you raise your effort to match your goals.

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