How do I communicate my company’s purpose to candidates?

29th November 2022

We have seen drastic changes in the workforce over the last two years. The reason why people go to work and the effect that it will have in their life has taken prominence. We are in a competitive marketplace which is continuously evolving. Companies need to leverage their recruitment strategies in order to land and retain the best talent out there.

How can you put your business at an advantage in such a competitive marketplace?

Communicate your company’s purpose!

An organisation can easily get steered off track when facing significant change and it may become unclear of its direction and why. Staying on top of this is crucial. If you cannot communicate your purpose to candidates you will lose!

Candidates are looking for a company with which they feel aligned. They want to know a company’s culture, purpose and values at the very core of its identity. After all, this is why your company exists in the first place.

“If an organization is unable to map out a road plan, a purpose of employment, it will, unfortunately, notice a high 0-2 year turnover.” Forbes

We would like to make sure that candidates understand your company’s purpose from the very start.

You need to convey this to jobseekers way before you meet them.

1. Clearly define your purpose and values in the job ad

This may sound easier said than done. However, clarity is the key. Information about your company’s culture and values help to attract candidates who will be a good fit. Clearly state the job title, the position’s objectives and duties and the company’s overall objectives. Why do you do what you do and who do you serve?

2. Challenge and motivate

A purpose needs to be driving everyone in the same direction. For the company’s purpose to motivate candidates it needs to be challenging. Invoke a positive feeling and arouse curiosity.

3. Share details on the work-life balance

More and more candidates are looking for jobs that balance work and personal time well. For many, this is just as important as salary and benefits if not more. You will attract a wider pool of qualified candidates by including these details.

4. Show your company’s values through actions

The best way to effectively communicate your purpose is through your actions. Leaders who live by their values will create a workplace of excellence and ethical behaviour.

5. Create a culture of purpose and value

By keeping your company’s purpose at the core of your culture, it will shine through to potential candidates and beyond your and your employee’s network.

6. Map out a clear road plan

This will help employees and candidates visualise what it will be like working with your company in the future. Be transparent about future goals and talk about how employees can grow and move up to higher positions. Career progression is crucial for retention rates.

“An organization’s culture of purpose answers the critical questions of who it is and why it exists. They have a culture of purpose beyond making a profit.” – Punit Renjen, Deloitte

Be clear and honest from the very start in any interaction with a candidate and employees. Do not sugarcoat anything, this will paint a realistic picture and encourage understanding. Honestly is the best policy when it comes to business, you don’t just want to hire, you want to hire and retain.

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