How to best leverage LinkedIn in your job search

8th July 2021

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn was created as a social networking tool for business professionals. Users could look for jobs, host their resumes and ask former employers, colleagues, and mentors to leave recommendations to help boost credibility. Over the years LinkedIn has slowly evolved into more of a contact relationship management service with over 645 million users globally.

Surveys have shown, that 68% of recruiters said that job seekers need a LinkedIn profile in 2021. 92% of companies use social media for hiring and three out of four hiring managers will search for candidates’ social profiles.

Leveraging LinkedIn in your job search is an absolute must to increase your chances of a faster hire. Don’t forget that LinkedIn aligns with Google’s search algorithm, having a profile set up will ensure that you’re easy to find.

Here at Citrus Connect Recruitment, we have come up with an easy list of how you can best leverage LinkedIn in your job search.

1. Optimise your LinkedIn profile to the maximum

There are many sections to fill out when setting up your page. Some may keep it simple but in doing so you’re not sharing all you can to attract future prospects and show them who you are, what you have achieved, and what you can bring to their company. Take your time, and break it down over a few days to make sure you complete all major sectors. Using keywords in your profile increases the chance of you being discovered by recruiters and companies significantly, so make sure your profile is keyword heavy. Do some research, have a clear vision of the industry you want to work in, then tailor your profile to that industry and position.

2. Make sure you let people know you are open to opportunities

Using your headline to share your availability with the community, write things like: ‘Former xxx Actively seeking a role in xxxx’ or ‘seeking a new opportunity.

3. Start making Connections!

First off, connect with people you know, then start to connect with those who have similar interests, are in the fields that you wish to be in, and start to grow your network. Use the pages and groups to connect with more within the areas you are interested in. Make sure to customise the connection requests with a message, stating why you would like to connect with this person.

4. Use job features, start applying for jobs directly through LinkedIn and reach out to recruiters

Now that your profile is set up, it’s time to start reaching out. Make sure you keep your CV up to date and make sure to include your LinkedIn profile. Navigate the job page, click on career interests, and let recruiters know that you’re actively seeking.

Those are the first steps in leveraging LinkedIn in your job search, it’s important to remember to keep your profile up to date, emphasise your current skill set, objectives, and recent experience. Remember the experience can include any volunteer work you may be doing. Unlike your resume, LinkedIn offers you the chance to log your entire professional history and ask for skill endorsements from former colleagues and employers. So it’s imperative to add your LinkedIn profile to your resume to give prospects every piece of information they may wish to look for.

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