How to get a job in the current climate

21st September 2021

Looking for a job can be quite stressful especially if you are out of work completely so financial situations add to the urgency of finding a placement. This can have a negative effect on your job search. It is important to take a step back, focus on breath work, have a strategic plan in place to make sure all your bases are covered and that you will only apply for the roles you actually want.

Over the last 18 months, we have seen a major shift in the workforce. Companies have adapted dramatically, hiring practices and work environments have been revised in order to support recovery and growth initiatives. There is a lot more flexibility in the job market, plenty of areas that allow for skill development, personal development, and platforms which can be utilised to research and contact prospects plus market yourself.

It can feel overwhelming knowing that so many people are unemployed, and also on the hunt for their next role. You may start to feel like you will get lost in the crowd, lose confidence and possibly give up. It is vital to do everything you can to stand out from the crowds and land the job of your dreams.

Following these simple points below not only will keep your job search organised and simple, but it will also help boost confidence and grow your network leading to opportunities.

1. Set yourself achievable goals

Review your goals daily and weekly to make sure you are on track. Keep your job search focused and positive. Writing down your goals gives you a sense of direction and keeps things simple. If you keep everything in your head, it can get overloaded and unrealistic.

2. Update your cover letter and CV for every role you apply for

The absolute magic in applying for jobs is to tailor every single application to the role and company. Your resume and cover letter get you the interview, the interview gets you the job. Research the company and role, and tailor the skills you have that match the title and culture. Show them what you have achieved in the past, never lie, we have so many skills that are transferable. Find what you have that will benefit and bring value to the role.

3. Utilise Social media Channels

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete, and ask for recommendations from previous employers and colleagues. Fill out every section and start to build your network with people in the industry you wish to work in. Make sure all other social media channels are clean and represent the character you are. Depending on the type of role you want, there are also plenty of local Facebook groups you can join.

4. Share your resume with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies fill the roles they have available. By sharing your resume, they will go through see what they have and keep this on their database. As roles become available they sift through finding the perfect candidates that may be interested in that role. They have a much larger network, a specialist knowledge base, and often offer other services that support you in your career journey. Recruitment agencies get paid by the companies in which they fill roles, so it’s completely free for you to join an agency. A total win-win situation.

5. Take time for personal and professional development

Set aside time to expand, update or learn new skills. Doing this not only will pay off in the long run, and give you more skills to use on your resume but will always give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment, in turn increasing your productivity and confidence.

6. Prepare yourself for an interview

Remember that it’s the interview that gets you the job, so preparation is key. Make a list of your strengths and your weaknesses, not to put you down, only so you are clear on the areas you are working on. Make a list of possible questions and answers, also make a list of questions you want to ask. You can then start to practice interview techniques, the interview may be virtually so testing equipment and environment are vital. Doing this also allows you to monitor your body language and facial expressions. Start to think of how you would like to present yourself. What to wear and what message you want to send.

Companies are recruiting for roles every day. Be clear with yourself on what you want and what you have to offer. Following this list will keep your job search accurate, precise, up to date, and simple. Don’t forget, do not rule out temporary work. Temporary work is great for enhancing your skill set while filling gaps in your resume while you search for the right career.

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