How to Implement an Effective Recruitment Strategy

12th August 2021

Before we start, let’s first be clear on what a recruitment strategy actually is.

A recruitment strategy is a plan of action for an organisation that is looking to recruit for particular roles. This includes sourcing, identifying, recruiting and retaining individuals.

It’s not enough to expect job candidates to find you on a job platform or through word of mouth, you need an intentional strategy to recruit individuals and upscale your workforce.

We have been blessed with modern technology allowing us to reach far and wide for bigger and more diverse talent pools, however, without a clear strategy in place, you may let the right candidates slip through your fingertips due to unclear, unorganised, and misguided information.

The most important part of your strategy should be that it is clear and can easily be implemented and communicated. Strategies can be tweaked however, what should remain a constant is that it is clear.

To start your recruitment action plan you need to assess where you are, what you have and where you want to head.

Point 1 on your list:

What are your recruitment goals?

Knowing what your goals are will automatically be transparent through the recruitment process, this includes in your job ads and during the interviews. Knowing your goals shows you have a clear understanding of your company, where you see it going and what type of company culture you wish to have. This is the absolute number one you must be clear on, you cannot effectively move forward without this.

Point 2 – What are the types of candidates you are looking for?

This point is fairly easy now that you have established point 1, what types of people do you wish for particular roles, how can you see them working with the company, the team and in the role itself to grow and be part of your company’s overall success.

Point 3 – What other requirements do you have?

For example, you may need someone to demonstrate how to use a piece of equipment, therefore they may need to be in a particular range of physical shape, or, you may need an individual to have a full driving license, certain experience, or courses etc. All these points are vital when it comes to advertising, sourcing and identifying the right candidates in order to move towards the interviewing process.

Having an intentional, solid, clear and transparent recruitment strategy ultimately goes hand in hand with your employee retention rate. By being clear throughout the recruitment process from the job description all the way to the interviews, your candidates will know exactly what the role is, who the company is and what the company culture is, staying engaged will ultimately lead to higher retention rates.

In today’s market, if you want to find and keep top talent, it’s important to be clear on what is offered to existing and new employees, make note of:

1. What health or pay benefits do you offer?

2. Do you have remote or hybrid work options?

3. Are there leadership or growth opportunities?

Your recruitment strategy needs to be intentional, whether you are sourcing candidates externally or internally. Having a clear action plan in place ultimately saves your business, hiring managers or recruitment agencies time and money. You know what you want therefore you will easily eliminate any candidates that do not fit the criteria within your strategy.

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