• Leena Parmar

How to make strategies work for your company! The hidden gems.

Putting strategies in place when building a company is essential, you need a clear vision of who you are, where you want to go, end up and ultimately what you stand for internally and externally needs to be at the forefront of everything.

It's easy to focus on techniques and methodology, the problem with that is you tend to overlook the real asset that makes your strategies work….and that is your Team.

Your team are the wheels of your company, they keep everything moving on a daily basis, working hard for the success of both the company and themselves. They are the ones who need a clear understanding of what the vision and values are of the company in order to be as effective as possible in reaching those goals. Investing and developing your team is number one in making strategies work, they will not work on their own.

But how do we tap into our most valuable asset?

As the leaders, it's your role to lead by example

Be the inspirer, the teacher and the trainer. Share your passions, share your stories both the ups and downs, don't just be present, be productive!

Make an effort to revisit strategies and values on a continuous basis

We all know that things change and evolve meaning we will need to change with them in order to succeed in the modern world. Whilst the ultimate goal and core values remain in place, how we get there may need to be revised and stay flexible.

Make sure to involve your employees in strategy creation

A big mistake made is that strategic planning is often only created at the highest levels in a company. Companies that don’t actively involve employees in strategic planning are asking for strategy execution problems. Your employees need to be able to understand it, believe it will pave the way for success and they must feel that it is doable in your specific corporate culture and the marketplace.

Give them opportunities to take charge

Don't dictate how to achieve objectives or goals, allow them their freedom to make their choices and always offer constructive feedback. Allow them to plan activities that reflect the companies shared values.

Actively working on, encouraging and practising the companies values hand your employees the ultimate tool to make the right choices. Ideas and decision making will be derived from that and that is what will shine both internally and externally, driving your business in the direction you are aiming for with very little effort.

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