How to network with recruiters on LinkedIn

28th October 2021

LinkedIn is the largest professional network globally. It is packed with professionals in all industries; employers, employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and those advancing their careers. Utilising LinkedIn as a job seeker is essential. Not only can it lead you to your dream career but to use it to network and connect with those in the industry you’re interested in to gain insight, and knowledge and stay up to date with the marketplace from those who live and breathe it daily.

Using LinkedIn to network with recruiters is a great way to get your name and personality out there, and to develop meaningful opportunities for now or in the future. Recruiters have roles available and are always on the hunt for talent that will fit perfectly in specific roles. Even if you don’t necessarily get the role you have applied for or wanted, recruiters will keep you on their database for future roles that are suited to your requirements, skills, and values.

Approaching recruiters in the right way will help you stand out from the crowd and create a positive and professional lasting impression.

So how do you approach recruiters in the right way to create that lasting impression?

1. Create a strong profile

LinkedIn has many sections available to be filled out, keeping things precise yet with an impact. Utilise the use of keywords, this will ensure your page is more noticeable and stay towards the top of the search results. Share your skills, talents, and expertise, it doesn’t matter if they are from different industries. Recruiters will see your transferable skills. Summarise your all experiences and achievements, try not to clutter up the profile, proofread and remember that it’s important to keep it short and to the point, so the reader can easily see who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Start searching for recruiters in your desired field

Doing some research into the right recruiters is essential. Not all recruiters cater to every field. Find those specialising in your field. Look through their website, and the jobs they have available, check out some of the testimonials, and see if you share anything personal. For example, you went to the same university, a mutual friend or you have lived in the same area, etc. Connecting with recruiters that are specific to where you want to go is so important. Make sure they are active and have good testimonials. If you find any personal similarities between you and them this may be a good way to break the ice.

3. Send your connection request with a short message

Now it’s time to send a connection request. Sending a blank request is not something that someone will remember. Think about how this is your first contact, your first impression, so making use of the 300-word count is crucial. If you found some similarities to them you could introduce yourself and point out these similarities, e.g Hi xxx, I am xxx, I see you went to xxx University as did I all those years ago, great memories. I am now working as an xxx and am looking to expand my network etc. If not you could simply introduce yourself and say you’re currently looking to expand your professional network and would love to connect for future opportunities.

4. Applying for Jobs and sending personal messages

Once you’re connected, always follow up with a thank you message. You could then mention a particular job that had caught your eye, tell them if you have applied for it and what value you feel you can bring to this position, or if you haven’t applied you can send over your resume and ask them to have a look and see what they feel may be right for you. Share some of your experiences and how they can bring benefits to the roles they are currently recruiting for. You could also ask them what’s most important to them when considering a candidate for this position, this shows genuine interest and gives you some valuable feedback.

5. Stay in touch

Drop messages every few weeks, and make sure they know you are still interested. Make sure to be polite and not pushy, and approach in a friendly manner. Remember recruiters are busy people and could get plenty of messages every day from people so don’t take it personally if they haven’t gotten back to you, just keep touching base. You could start referring or connecting a friend to a job post who fits that description. This will keep you seen in a positive and helpful light.

Although you may be looking for a job right now it’s important to remember that a recruiter will match you with a job they feel is the absolute right fit, not just any job that doesn’t fit with you or the company. Keeping a relaxed and friendly conversation running with a recruiter will help them learn you better, remember your name which could lead them to see you as a reliable, helpful, and friendly person. A person that companies want to hire.

Remember to always update your profile with any new courses, gained skills, or even a new job. Engage with the community and continue to network. Make sure you let people know of any new accomplishments you may have made.

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