I don’t go to bed worrying about money

10th November 2021

We caught up with the second best Sales Executive nationwide Dave Anderson, for some Q&A on his journey to his career as a Sales Executive.

We find it’s always good to share real stories from the candidates we placed, showing people the impact that our roles have had on so many. We have literally seen people’s lives change drastically. With determination, patience, resilience, and hard work you really can become financially free, setting you and your family up for the future.

After leaving the military Dave Anderson worked in his father’s home improvement business for 21 years. He covered all aspects of the industry; installation, sales, and management. He decided once his father retired that he would go out on his own. Geared with the knowledge that he had the right communication skills he sought out sales roles.

What was important in your job search?

I was looking for a company like my father’s that offered a good and rewarding job specification. I wanted to work with a company that had a good reputation and put the customer first and one where the culture was of family values.

What was your first impression of the company?

If I am honest, what was vitally important was the general vibe of the company. The first person I met was the National Sales Manager, Chris. Chris was honest and direct and that was important to me. I could tell that the company had ambition, it was growing and expanding in all regions. There was a degree of intelligence within the company, it didn’t seem like your ‘old hat’ direct sales company, but one that was ethical, and held the highest of values. During my interview, I was invited to walk around the factory and was able to meet the founder and his wife. It was clear that family values ran through the veins of this company and it is exactly what I was looking for.

How was it meeting the Founder of the company on your first visit?

Meeting Brennan and Bea was an absolute pleasure, they put me at ease, stood up, and welcomed me. I could see and sense the passion for the growth of the company, they are both invested emotionally and passionately. I loved everything that they radiated, they set the tone for the company – they were the company. I knew that this company was everything that I was looking for. I had my interview on Friday and was on the training course the following Tuesday.

How did you find the training?

It was actually my Regional Manager’s very first training course. I had sales experience, and I knew conservatories and flat line roofing so plugging into the product range was very seamless for me. We did spend three days learning the sales process which I paid great attention to. The training was incredibly professional, I was given a training manual, a presentation folder, and the complete paperwork was top-notch. The training was challenging, it had a framework, serious and professional which set the tone for when we were then out on the road.

What does a typical day as a Sales Executive look like?

The day actually starts the evening before. I receive an email from Head Office with a range of either 1 or 3 appointments for the following day; times are generally 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm. You then get yourself prepared and plan your journey so you know how to manage your time for the day. I generally set off at 9 am, and always ensure I arrive 5-10 minutes early to any appointment. Average travel time can be anything from 90 mins to 3 hours. As soon as you arrive home, it is important that all paperwork is submitted by 8 am the next day. What’s great is that you can call the shots. You give your availability every Monday, are allowed two days off a week, and are required to work a minimum of two Saturdays a month.

What does it take to be a successful Sales Executive?

Realism, understand there is a 1/3 conversion, so you have to be resilient.

Strong mentality, you are alone in the car for long periods of time, if you’re not careful the devil on your shoulder will speak to you, you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

Commitment, sometimes, I start work at 8 am and won’t get home until midnight. Understand that it can feel lonely sometimes, you have to believe in yourself and the financial reward this job 100% delivers on hard work ethic, confidence, and the support of your family.

What are your achievements to date at this company?

I have been in the role for two years now, I absolutely love it. I like that the leads are warm, and the customers actually want you there. The company invests a lot of money into the leads, if you work the leads the financial rewards can really exceed your expectations. I have been able to take my family on a holiday to Florida, I have changed cars, bought a caravan, and managed to have 3-4 holidays a year – I don’t go to bed worrying about money. I am on 119 sales this year and last year I did 108. I am the second best Sales Executive in the country and a sub Regional Manager.

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