In Conversation With The Magazine, Leena Parmar Shares The Ins And Outs Of Citrus

12th September 2022

The BestStartup magazine, Launched in 2020, with its primary focus on putting the UK first, showcasing great companies across the UK. Their mission statement is:

“To showcase the top UK businesses, encourage investment in them and promote British success wherever we see it.”

An is an absolute honour to be featured!

“My desire is for Citrus Connect Recruitment to share the power of direct sales and how it can completely transform lives, I have seen firsthand how candidates have been able to walk into sales roles and earn 6 figures in their first year with no experience, positively changing their quality of life and financial situation.

My ultimate aim is to change the face of recruitment, our industry can be very transactional and unemotional.” Leena Parmar

This is not to be missed, check out the full article here –

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