Is sales success just divine play?

12th December 2019

Success is 80% an internal game, and only 20% to do with strategic action! “Believe me, I’ve tried it” says our Founder Leena Parmar – “working hard is not always the formula for success, rather it is working on your internal wiring, making success completely divine play!”

Abundance is a mindset, it’s a simple process, but requires work and dedication to your vision. Inspired by one of her mentors Regan Hillyer, find Leena’s 6 steps below;

1) What’s your vision? Decide and be clear!

2) Get into the vibration of this vision and raise your personal frequency. Do not apologise for what you want, the key is to be abundant from the inside out, and show up as the best version of you this raises your vibration to become the energetic match to what you are calling in.

3) Have a morning routine – but start it with gratitude, choose to believe your manifestations are showing up right now, this is where you can really start playing – it’s so much FUN! Live with intent!

4) Do not tolerate negative thoughts and words that come into your reality, it is YOUR responsibility to condition your mind and yourself to succeed. Think of the highest version of you, the most authentic version of you, and do NOT tolerate anything less

5) Get super clear on your blocks, it is FEAR, DOUBT, LIMITING SELF-TALK, SELF-SABOTAGE. Ask yourself – what is currently holding you back? Dig deep and clear those blocks by living the highest version of yourself – choose to believe that you are worthy and deserving of your vision!

6) Be unattached to the now – now means nothing, you’re looking for a quantum change! Deeply intention of where you desire to be, get into a dream state with it, dream state is a natural state!

Play with it

Dance with it

Get a specific picture of it

Touch it

Feel it

Taste it

You should be seeing, talking, and acting like your vision – manifesting success is all about energy patterns and waveforms – so go ahead and give yourself permission to divinely play and success is yours!

Become fear-less!

Your internal reality is a mindset, your internal and external energetic field – always open your field with gratitude and intention – ITS ALL PLAY! HAVE FUN!

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