Misconceptions of the Sales Industry

6th September 2021

Sales are the most important skill for any business. Without marketing a product or service and bringing awareness to its purpose and value there will not be evolution. Let’s look at how many things have changed over the years, how technology has progressed, how housing and interiors have developed to give us a more comfortable life, and how we are now on the road to a more sustainable future with electric cars and renewable energy.

All of these developments would mean nothing without sales. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the sales industry which to us is a shame as sales is really a win-win. It’s about sharing something that can add purpose and value to other people’s lives. Sales have changed dramatically over the years from when a dodgy car dealer tried to sell you something you didn’t want, need, or could afford.

Salespeople in today’s world are creative, independent entrepreneurs, who take the risk and the rewards of running a business. They do not have purchased orders that they need to push out, they are simply advisers and helpers, full of information on certain services and finding the right things that fit with customer needs.

Working in Sales means you need to have the ability to be the middle person, thriving by adding value, listening to the needs of others, and staying up to date with the latest development and evolving customers needs.

Some of the myths surrounding sales are:

It’s a dead-end job – Due to the lack of a predetermined paycheck, some feel as though it’s not a real job. However, a large number of company leaders were once salespeople. What working in Sales can teach you is valuable to your career progression.

Sales require you to lie – This is far beyond true, yes there may still be a few across the sales industry that does this, however, they are classed as bad salespeople. When doing this you lose trust, repeat customers and you get a bad reputation. Sales revolve around creating and nurturing good business relationships.

Sales is purely a numbers game – Sales does involve numbers like many other professions however it is not purely revolved around that. Sales are about research, information and good relationships.

You have to have experience – many believe that in order to sell more you need to have experience. Networking and connections do help but doing research, having a positive and enthusiastic attitude, an informative approach, and an understanding of human nature allow you to connect with your customers and find out how you can benefit them is what makes the difference.

Sales is a rewarding and challenging career. You are an adviser, a psychologist, a team builder, and a representative all in one.

You have the potential to earn a high income, have flexibility around your working hours and days, and you learn and continuously develop all the skills of an entrepreneur, setting you up for any future you desire.

If you are looking for a flexible work environment then a career in sales is worth exploring. You will challenge yourself, and continuously develop your skills and grow your professional capabilities.

Sales have changed. The world of selling now requires a completely different mentality and skill set. It’s no longer about persuading people into buying something they don’t want. It’s about being there as a trusted adviser to help guide them through the buying process.

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