My Career in Sales – “I wouldn’t change it for the world”

4th June 2019

Gavin Moynihan was just like anyone else looking for a job. He had never considered a career in sales until the Citrus Connect team reached out to him. We had a fantastic opportunity with a well-known vehicle recovery breakdown service. Gavin passed the interview process with flying colours. A few years down the line, Gavin continues to thrive. His job allows him to do all the things in life he has always dreamed of while ensuring his family’s financial security. We caught up with Gavin to find out what life has been like in sales and get his top tips for others looking to take the leap.

Why Recovery break down services? Why direct sales? How long did it take for you to get promoted to Field Sales Manager?

I had never considered selling recovery breakdown service membership previous to Citrus Connect contacting me – that was 8 years ago in June and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I started in sales, operating at a good level of 69 sales per month (which is very achievable) for 20 months until I was promoted to FSM – I was the youngest FSM at the time!

Why would you recommend the Direct Sales role to someone currently considering this role? You are your own boss, with the help of the FSM for training and sites – but you are you control your day, the hours you work are flexible provided sensible, 48 hours notice you can change sites but more importantly earn as much commission as you feel necessary. I needed to hit £2500 min every month, I knew at the start of the month how many sales I needed. In my first year, I earned £34000.

What does it take to be the BEST Direct Sales Agent and beat sales records?

You have to be driven and determined, your goals and targets are only what you set them. The top salesman in the country says 1200 asks a day, 5/6 presentations, 50% conversion rate = 3 sales a day. Increase your close, you earn more money, ask more people and you earn more money. IT’S PURELY NUMBERS!

What have been your Highlights? All expenses paid trip to Paphos! 5-star hotel for the Mrs and I, quad biking up the beach and out on a boat with free cocktails. Best ‘free’ holiday I could have had.

What has had the biggest impact on your life? Money and earnings have to be the biggest impact, it has provided my family and I with a new home, which I was renting when I first started. I have two holidays a year and the freedom to do my job without undue pressure.

Gavin’s Top 3 Sales Tips Tip 1 – Be organised and plan day to day. Tip 2 – Always have to-do lists! Tip 3 – If someone asks for something, try to do it immediately. “Wages are earned in a month, not a day!”

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