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12th October 2022

You may think that keeping your recruitment in-house saves you money and gives you a better opportunity to find someone who fits well within your organisation. Come on, who would better know the right person to find than your own hiring manager, right? Wrong!

There is minimal benefit for your company in keeping your recruitment process entirely in-house, in fact, the only time this will be beneficial for you is when you are hiring internally, as then you already have the candidate that you are looking to promote.

You may be thinking, this is absurd, we can assure you it is not, and here is why.

These are the harsh realities of just how much damage keeping your recruitment in-house can be:

Hiring in-house can cause recruitment delays, how?

Lack of availability!

When your manager does the hiring, chances are there will be points when they are not available to put in 100% of their time just on the recruitment process, which means the whole process will take much longer and their work can suffer drastically.

On top of this, the ultimate decision lies on the senior managers to participate in the final stage interview process which will most likely slow down the process even more, often by up to several weeks.

“Recruiting should be viewed as a business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business.” Mathew Caldwell

Recruitment is not your speciality area, even if you have an HR department, they do not possess the knowledge a recruitment agency has or the database.

The main difference is that a recruitment company knows the job market and stays on top of all the trends and the latest news in the marketplace. They know where to find candidates, and how to interview them keeping any bias away effectively. Their only job is to source and place the right candidate for the role that you require, meaning they have all that time and the capacity to put 100% in at all times.

Don’t forget, candidate experience is significant and your brand reputation hangs on it. Hiring a specialist whose only focus is to find you the right candidate and make sure the candidate has a transparent, smooth, and easy recruitment process is vital.

Okay, so we have gone over just how detrimental hiring in-house can be, let’s look at the differences when using a specialist recruitment agency.

    • First and foremost, you are paying for the assistance of someone in the know.

Recruitment agencies work directly with employers, they come in and listen to what the employer is looking for, understand the type of company and culture you have, look at employees who do well, and analyse what it is that helps these top performers succeed. This creates a profile base on what they are looking for and gives them a better idea of what your company needs in a candidate.

    • Using a recruitment agency is quicker than hiring internally and will save your business time and money. How?

Recruiters have a database of CVs, so the amount of people they can get through is much higher than your manager, meaning a bigger talent pool and much better chances of finding the right candidate faster. This saves your managers time and allows them to focus on what you hired them for.

    • Recruiters have a mountain of knowledge, expertise, and experience in reading CVs and interview techniques. Did you know that 70 to 93 per cent of all communication is nonverbal? When you use recruitment specialists they can easily pick up much more than those without the right experience and knowledge.
    • If you didn’t already know, you will have no cost whatsoever when using a recruitment agency until a candidate is placed that you have met and agreed upon. That’s right if a candidate is introduced to you that you feel is not the right fit, there is no charge!
    • Recruiters generally charge 15%-25% of the placed candidates’ first-year salary. Take into account that the average time to hire is 20-30 days – that is one month or possibly more than a team member has been out of their regular duties. How do you feel this will affect the chain of command and ultimately the company?

Recruitment fees are worth the investment. Take into consideration a mangers time that is taken away from performing other duties, the stress of finding a qualified candidate, interviewing, and so on. All these facts should be considered when deciding whether or not to hire a recruitment agency.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” Steve Wynn

Yes, you may end up paying X amount to a recruitment agency, but the time savings alone can make up for that cost over a few months.

Remember that if a recruitment agency cannot find you your candidate or finds an individual that you are not happy with, it will not cost you a thing.

So, have a good think about it, work it out, and let us know if you still feel that recruiting in-house is the best option for your company.

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