Skills vs Experience – what is the difference and how to highlight them on your cv

20th March 2023

It can be daunting to think if one is more important than another. It would matter in specialist skill industries that require years of training and practice. However, don’t let this put you off as you look for another role, even if it’s in an industry in which you have no experience.

So what is the difference between them and how can we show that we are the right person for that job?

Experience is about previous employment that you have had, whether it be paid or non-paid, this can include apprenticeships and voluntary work. Ideally, employers look for people who have a good mix between experience and skills relevant to the role they are advertising. 

However, skills play a huge role, they are important for employers to immediately identify if a candidate is right for the role. When employers hire someone’s skills, they are hiring for their future, this is really what they are looking to give you. 

Businesses want to attract the top talent, not necessarily the top experience. Experience can be taught to anyone. But what is important is that the candidates they choose have the right personality – eager to learn, full of determination and bringing positivity to your company.

“A study found that 45% of recruiters and hiring managers say that a candidate’s potential is the most important aspect of their application.” TopResume

Skills are interchangeable. When drafting your cv, look at the skills of a particular role you are interested in that are required. Take a notebook and look at the skills you have achieved in your previous experience. Choose the skills that reflect the job position.

9/10 times you will have plenty of skills to highlight from your last job that aligns with the potential role. It is just about taking your time and being intentional in your cv writing. 

Make sure you have a good mix between:

-Technical skills (hard skills)

-Interpersonal skills (soft skills)

-Expert and proficient skills

Remember that employers want people who will solve problems for the company and will, in the long run, bring value to their role.

For more help with how to structure your cv, download our free guide today, ‘7 secrets to your resume success’ by clicking on this link;

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