The 4 Steps Needed For Putting Vision And Daily Habits Into Action.

12th January 2022

As we end a year it’s good practice to take time for reflection. Reflect on what worked, what we achieved, what didn’t work and what we feel we could have done better. There are many lessons to be learnt from a year just passed. Reflection gives us clarity and space. It helps us gain insight and see how to move forward.

It is extremely common at this time of year to think about making New Year’s resolutions.

But, how effective are they?

“80% of people fail to stick to and achieve their New Year’s resolutions” (Forbes)

That is a pretty high percentage.

There is a lot of pressure surrounding New Year’s resolutions, with the urgency of thinking we have to do this now, even if the timing is not right and we are just not ready for the big change.

Time to change our mindset.

At Citrus Connect Recruitment, we don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. We believe in goals and visions, yes, but most importantly-positive daily habits. To achieve any goal, you have to start by putting in place daily habits that are aligned with the vision. Goals are not enough on their own.

Once put in place, habits become automatic while visions are motivational. Most of what we do comes from our daily habits. It’s important to remember that they are either feeding our vision or pulling us away from it.

Integrating a good habit is often a big challenge. But with intention, discipline, repetition, adjustment, and review, unification is created. If a conflict exists between our habits and goals, our lives will suffer, and our goals will never be accomplished.

The smallest of changes have such an impact on our lives, unfortunately, most of us don’t realise just how putting good habits in place helps us reach our ambitions more effectively and efficiently.

“Our daily decisions, as well as our habits, have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success” (Shawn Achor)

Having a vision doesn’t point to an exact time it needs to be achieved, hence taking off some pressure that New Year’s resolutions put in place.

There is no right or wrong way to align your habits with your goal. The main point is working on and knowing that what you do daily is serving and bringing you closer to your goal, not further away from it.

Dan Neilson, a monetary economist and author of Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower, and Presidential Leadership shared his 4 Steps to alignment:

1. Conduct a quick self-evaluation

– What are my goals for the new year?

– What habits will be needed to achieve these goals?

– How do my current habits align with my current goals?

– What do I need to change?

2. Write EVERYTHING down

If you already have your goals written down, then write down the habits you need to develop to meet these goals.

3. Read these goals and habits every morning

The quickest way to not accomplish something is to forget what you are pursuing.

4. Be mindful of your mistakes

It is so easy to let failure rule our future. A failed day does not mean a failed week. Be mindful of the mistakes keeping you back and actively work against them.

So forget about New Year’s resolutions as we enter 2022 and work on aligning daily habits with your vision this year. Remember that excuses are just well-planned lies!!!!

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