The Economic Shift – and how you can help your company win!

17th May 2020

What we are seeing on the planet is a huge economic change-over taking place, we’re seeing a collective purging, shifting, and a clearing process. Most people are aware on an individual level of what a shifting, purging, and clearing process looks and feels like -when you go through something uncomfortable and all the lower elements of yourself come up and you get to look at it and clear it, then you rise to a higher version of yourself. We are going through that, but on a global scale right now. Through this clearing process which is taking place, as the financial systems are shifting, we are seeing heightened levels of uncertainty and we are seeing offline companies being hugely affected.

We are seeing a massive shift when it comes to jobs, people are losing their jobs, worried about losing their jobs, and if you’re worried about losing your job then rightly so. And if you’re not worried then you should be – furlough does not mean you are guaranteed a job when lockdown starts to get lifted. Do not have your head in the sand, but do be self-aware of what is happening economically right now.

Just like 9/11 changed people’s psychology toward the public and travel, we are now seeing a new mindset on isolation and social distancing, and starting to get habituated into that. There is so much fear, and no one knows what’s right and wrong, Denmark not dying in mass when they have done the opposite to the rest of the world. No one knows what the new world looks like so it’s about using your own critical thinking – start thinking about the market and what will change when we get back to work.

Many companies are releasing their staff right now, closing less profitable parts of their business, furloughing is possible because of the Government’s support but ask yourself what happens when the Government can no longer maintain this provision economically?

So, firstly it’s really important not to be in denial about all of this, things will not go back to normal, it’s not going to be in a week and the thing to know is that unfortunately normal didn’t really work that well anyway. So we are shifting into a new version of normal. There are going to be new systems, new financial systems, new ways of doing business, and new global structures which are going to be coming through.

Don’t get caught up in all the uncertainty and the fear and the doubt and be in denial with it, thinking that it won’t affect me, be one of those smart people who say, ” How can I actually position myself right now in order to not shrink my income but actually expand my income in this really intense time we are in?” If we look at trends in history and the markets, it could appear as though we are in a 100-year cycle, possibly a mirror effect of the economic downturn after the Spanish Flu in the 1920s.

Globally, when we see how this is affecting people right now, we are seeing people really waking up to the realisation that they are not actually truly living their soul-aligned passion or purpose. We are seeing people in their jobs, who have lost their jobs, or are about to lose their jobs; and through this process realising, “Well I didn’t love that job that much anyway.” If this is you, then this is an amazing place to be, as you now have time to truly be led by your purpose.

We are also seeing entrepreneurs who have created extremely successful offline companies and businesses no longer sure about their purpose. We’re seeing people disconnected from their purpose. Don’t get this confused with “well my passion must be the same as the company’s products or services”, it does not – it is about being aligned with the same purpose. If your purpose is to serve then serve your company, if your purpose is to be the best then help your company rise to be the best, if your purpose is people and fun, make your company the funniest company on the planet, if your purpose is to be numbers-driven, use that strength to grow your company. Does that make sense?

We are seeing people living at the effects of other people’s decisions, for example, if you’ve been in a job, and it gets to the point where the person who has hired you, calls you tomorrow and says “I’m sorry, we love you but you no longer have a job”. Through no fault of your own, and through someone else’s decision, this has had a profound impact on your living standards and life. We are seeing people living at the effects of other people’s decisions, going into reactive mode, and we are seeing people getting overwhelmed with not knowing where to start with everything.

Even if people are realising, “This is the reason and the time for me to truly step up, create my version of my purpose and go out and serve the world in a powerful way and I need to do it”, they don’t where to turn for a plan of action or how to create one.

Businesses are trimming the fat, they are reorganising, they are restructuring, yes even if you are furloughed. Behind the scenes, they are looking at their profit and loss, and quite rightly so. They are cutting expenses and the fat in the business. Companies have to know their numbers at the moment, it’s tight for every company, it’s not a time to be optimistic, but not overly pessimistic either so it creates overwhelm and companies and their staff give up. Numbers mean costs. They have to make tough decisions now, otherwise, the price will be too high later, and they will bleed too much if they leave it too late, leaders paid to make the tough decisions, businesses are not sitting on the fence, they are acting now even if it’s behind the scenes and not making it visible to their staff, because if businesses downsize, then they can be more successful right now – that’s the hard truth.

Success isn’t about obsessing about the product or services your company has to offer, but it is about obsessing and falling in love with the customer – when their needs change, you do what it takes to meet their needs, if you meet their needs, and over-deliver on them, then the business will thrive.

No one knows what is going to happen, we just don’t know, what we do know is that companies are investing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. Tony Robbins for example owns one of the largest education platforms and is mainly an events-based firm that has trialed 3d Virtual Reality events.

Companies are brainstorming solutions and new ways of trying things. Whether that is Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, trying something with a small number of people. If they brainstorm, new things will transform, and create more profitability. Ask yourself, are you helping your current company brainstorm, and if you’re looking for a new job, are you bringing a brainstorm to the interview with you?

Companies are really nailing down who their ideal customer is right now, who’s going to stay with me through thick and thin? Who will tell people about our product and services? Are you doing this with or on behalf of the business owner, or doing this before your interview to show your understanding of the business and your alignment to their goals, which is ultimately your purpose – are you starting to get it now?

Focus on more value, and find a way to do more for your customer than anyone else in your industry right now, more than anyone would expect. Fall in love with your customer, and get you and your company ready to win.

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